11 // Jack Garratt


This my dears, is a wonderful musician called Jack Garratt. Mikee and I came across him when we went to see We the Wild open for Dan Croll at Scala. He was on as we got in and he basically stole the room and outshone the main act with his one man show. Proof that you can do more than one thing and you can do it damn well.

Just listen to that magic. Anywho, he just released his first EP called Remnants, and we went along to his show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington (where the photos are from) which was rather good even though he had a little technical hiccup somewhere in the middle – he redeemed himself very well. I can see some fairly awesome things happening for him… He’s been opening for the Temper Trap this week and I’m pretty sure we could see him playing with James Blake in a short while… Have a listen to the tracks and hopefully you like!

JackGarratt5JackGarratt3 JackGarratt2

JackGarratt4 JackGarratt1 JackGarratt7

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