14 // Long Time No Post


Wow. Things have been busy I must say. Summer has been and gone and slowly been replaced by the cold air and darker nights that Autumn provides. Why do people call it Fall? Autumn is so much nicer. Times have been a changing completely – not only in the weather.

Over the past few months, Mikee and I have been on the road to buying a flat only to have the seller pull out last minute disappointing our dreams of having a balcony garden with brunches outside on the weekend… It would have been small but it would have been ours. So our search continues on again with the perspective that if something doesn’t become ours then it’s just what’s meant to happen.

I’ve also recently started a new job at Ogilvy & Mather. I honestly wasn’t looking to change my role as I really enjoyed my job at Dhub. I had creative freedom and the work and environment gave me confidence I didn’t feel in my previous role, while my colleagues enriched my experience and my life. I can honestly say the founder James is such a kind, inspiring and motivating guy it was an honour to work with him and the rest of the team. However I was contacted out of the blue asking if I’d like to interview for a role at Ogilvy which seemed like an opportunity not to pass up. After speaking with the global executive creative director for the Unilever account I was offered a role almost on the spot to be involved with working in their team as a designer who will also be developing art direction for various client needs. It’s a massive unexpected change but I’ve welcomed it with open arms and am enjoying it so far. Hooray! I’m still going to be working on freelance projects. I’m currently working on something for Yellow Bird Project while also working on a website design for the company Mikee works for which is great.

A friend recently kindly took some of my films to be processed that I had lying around and these images were from the spring from my Birthday when I went exploring the beach at home with Mikee and my awesome friend Emma and the light was really awesome. So much has changed since this day it’s bananas, both good and bad… I’m excited to see what’s going to come, hopefully everything is going to work out for the better from here. Everything happens for a reason right?

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