15 // Favourite Pins This Week

Dogs dogs dogs. I love dogs. I’m really not a cat person, I do like them but I wouldn’t want a feline friend – I’m all about the happy little waggy tailed doggies. Sometimes when I’m feeling too busy, a bit down or just need a little pick me up I’ll use their happy little faces to boost my mood. So I figured I’d share the love. Happy Sunday everyone! This is all.

327a980c35c46b604fe0ca9e68aa6e07 4932982252_c3e98f0a32_bDmitry-Maximov-Illustrations-13dog55_1000 tumblr_m9ky7efFvI1qkdpmeo1_1280 tumblr_mubbt641YN1qjx6w1o1_1280 920123_513457175382305_519573411_o flat,800x800,070,f.u1I’m interested in finding out what makes people happy – if you’re on the search for a little pick me up or something to boost your mood, what do you find?

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