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25LowApologies for being so pants at actually updating on what’s been going on over the last few months – we got plunged into a world of crazy when 2015 started. In the first week, my housemate who also happened to be one of my closest friends moved out and we had a new friend move in, someone I know witnessed something scandalous, and Mikee and I put an offer in on a flat… Which then got accepted… And so big news! Now we’re homeowners!!!

It involved lots of decisions and paperwork and being told where to sign things and asked to read about things we didn’t really know about. It can be a bit of a confusing time so I think I’m going to do a bit of a walk through post with some advice on that in the future. We moved in at the start of March and have been busy with cleaning and painting and all of that while working lots! Again, something to go into another time.

My post today is about my birthday which happens to be tomorrow. Over the last couple of years I’ve been setting myself the challenge of doing a set amount of things for the age I am. So when I turned 25 I set myself 25 things to do (I read about the idea on A Beautiful Mess and thought it was great). Tomorrow I turn 26 – so time to look at how I did and set myself a new bunch of challenges!

So for the 25 things I wanted to accomplish over the last year have been:

  1. 1. Finish the proposal for the Wish Book and see how people feel about it. – DONE and starting a new adventure with it – a plan is in action and things are being made. A little more momentum is needed but I think you’ll forgive me if I deal with this house stuff first. I really can’t wait to start the project again though.
  2. 2. Get a really steady stream of freelance work even if it kills me it’s what I love to do. – It’s slowly happening
  3. 3. Visit San Francisco finally! – I failed this year but the plans were made and in a week and a half I will be there!!!
  4. 4. Keep doing projects around music. – DONE Working on YBP still and started working with Catherine Okada, though I’d love to do more things. Does anyone wish they had more time? 
  5. 5. Input this plan for my blog and write regularly. – Fail… clearly.
  6. 6. Buy a good camera that I can create awesome work with. – DONE!! I bought a Canon 5D mkii, and I love it to pieces.
  7. 7. Shoot more medium format (I forgot how beautiful the results are). Fail… To be fair I lent my Hasselbald to my brother for his birthday last year and haven’t got it back… So I haven’t been able to.
  8. 8. Be okay with losing that second part of my childhood. – Done. I lost my little Biff two days after my birthday last year. It broke my heart but I’m okay now, I still miss him every single day but my mum has Lyyli now so I have another little friend I can visit. Plus Mikee and I really want to get a sausage dog now we own our own place, so watch this space!
  9. 9. If I have projects which don’t have particular deadlines set them myself and don’t put them off. – I’m getting better at this but I still get rather distracted but the other million and one things that seem to be going on. 
  10. 10. Go on a girly trip with my bum chum when she visits. – We did this! My first ever trip to Italy! See my post about Ice Cream and Pizza land. It was so much fun and so beautiful, I would certainly recommend going to Lake Como.
  11. 11. Make sure to spend some time for myself every week to stop myself from burning out and to keep coming up with inventive ideas of things to do so my life is not just work. – Now we have our own place I’m starting to do this more by making sure I have a really good bath regularly as it’s my creative relaxing place. 
  12. 12. Be better at keeping in contact with friends who I don’t see that often. – I’ve been trying!
  13. 13. Restart doing the everyday opposites. – Fail, but I recently spent a week at Project Sunlight at Unilever and it kickstarted some ideas for some more every day opposites. So maybe while we’re on holiday again I might use any free time to do fun creative things such as this.
  14. 14. Get my website up and running. – DONE thanks to the amazing Kim Lawler
  15. 15. Figure out my style when it comes to illustration. – Figuring it out. It defy involves a combination of analog and digital whether that’s illustration or photography then post manipulation I think I’m getting there.
  16. 16. Try not to get too stressed if me and Mikee go and get our own place. – DONE! Didn’t get too stressed apart from with Estate Agents.
  17. 17. Do more craft things! – Not as much as I’d have liked to, but I’ve been making the cut out type pieces fairly regularly. Can’t wait till we have our new home set up more so I have a real workspace.
  18. 18. Write a business plan. – Fail.
  19. 19. Don’t be scared of chasing my dream and taking the risk that’s going to need because it’ll be the best decision I’ll make if I succeed. – I’m not scared of chasing it anymore, I’m being strategic though.
  20. 20. Remember not to compare myself to people I find successful – I’m at a completely different stage to them. – DONE. I find these people inspiring I will also achieve my goals one day the same way they have while keeping in mind to make sure I spend time on the other more important things in my life such as the people around me.
  21. 21. Bake more. – I tried, I failed but I’ve deffo gotten more into cooking with the help of Pinterest
  22. 22. Visit my friends more. – Been a bit of a fail but I did make it out of London for one of them to go on my first ever trip to Birmingham. Hooray! It wasn’t as terrible as some may think, in actual fact it was quite pleasant. 
  23. 23. Write a song – I love music, I wont be very good at it but lets give it a go. – Started. I have two lines down. 85% fail?
  24. 24. Watch more classic films that every person needs to have seen. – I’ve watched more, so I’d say that’s a success.
  25. 25. Keep laughing, taking risks, revelling in challenges, loving and living every day to the fullest. – Doing it.

Not too bad 18/25 – room for improvement but it’s pretty good going. I need to print the next list out and put it somewhere I can see everyday so remind myself of these things.

So for being 26 I will try to…

  1. 1. Visit San Francisco – It’s been on the list for three years now, I’m not sure if it’s cheating but I know it’s going to happen.
  2. 2. Take part in the MOMA 100 Days of Making
  3. 3. Focus on my body, it’s the only one I have and I must make sure I keep it happy and healthy.
  4. 4. Exercise more.
  5. 5. Get the wish project trundling along faster.
  6. 6. Enjoy making our place our own.
  7. 7. Start selling the hand cut quotes
  8. 8. Collaborate with more friends.
  9. 9. Treat my mum and show her how grateful we are for all of her help
  10. 10. I really want to improve this blog
  11. 11. I would love to start using a dark room again.
  12. 12. Write the rest of my two line song.
  13. 13. Practical one – develop a filing system that will work (also never name a job final – that’ll just jinx it)
  14. 14. Enter the ADC Young Guns competition again now I have some more ground to stand on, I doubt I’ll get anywhere but it’s worth entering.
  15. 15. Learn to dance for fun
  16. 16. Treat the moments I have for myself with respect and really think about what I’m doing
  17. 17. Learn to cook some damn Finnish food
  18. 18. Start visiting the sauna at the Finnish Church in London, now I live rather close to it.
  19. 19. Walk home when I have time.
  20. 20. Maybe get a bike. It’s really nice being able to rely on myself to get places.
  21. 21. Learn to like tea without sugar.
  22. 22. Get a furry friend.
  23. 23. Figure out a way to grow some of my own.
  24. 24. Feel comfortable with washing my hair less – I wash it every day and it’s not good for my hair or for the environment
  25. 25. Become more aware of what I’m using up and what I’m doing with the things I use.
  26. 26. Make sure the people around me feel loved

Let’s see how I go!

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