20 // California!

This Thursday Mikee and I are heading off to California for 20 days. I’ve been so excited for two months I must have been driving everyone mad around me, including my colleagues and Mikee. Sorry, not sorry though.

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge as neither me or Mikee drive – so I’m going to keep you updated with how we get on here as not every traveller drives… So our experience might be helpful to someone else.

The first leg will cover San Francisco, I’ve been dying to go for years! While we’re there we have plans to visit Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, hiring bikes and cycling over the bridge and attempting to get up to the Muir Woods with just the use of our legs, we’re going to explore and eat and have our portraits taken on tintypes at Kari Orvik’s studio. She’s agreed to show us the process so I can’t wait to visit her darkroom and see how this works.

The second leg will then involve a trip to Palm Springs. We’re staying in the Ace Hotel for one night, which I can’t wait for. We’re then meeting with a lovely Canadian couple who we’re then going to Coachella with. Bring on the sunshine, the music, the art, the metallic temporary tattoos, the shower queues, the food and all of the sunscreen in the universe. I can’t wait to go again and I can’t wait for Mikee to experience it. I fell in love when Christina and I went in 2011 and have been daydreaming about going back practically every day since we left.

Once the festival finishes, our lovely Canadian buddies are going to kindly give us a ride to LA where we’re staying in Santa Monica. LA will be harder than San Francisco to navigate without a car as it was built to be navigated by car – so I’m feeling rather daunted currently but I know it’s doable with good planning. I’m hoping we can make the most of the beach, the city and some of the artier and more foody parts with being prepared.

There will be a lot of food involved which I am tres excited about – hopefully we don’t return home fat, but even if we do at least we’ll be happy.

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