24 // Where Do We Start?

Eek it appears we’ve reached our first trial after having managed to buy and get settled in our new place. How the hell do we decorate it?! We’ve managed to make everything white so far, which I’m down with but I have high hopes for what we can do. I’ve been pinning interior ideas for the past year or so and now I have so much stuff I don’t know where we should start. I really wanted to be an interior designer before I found out about graphic design so it feels like something close to my heart to play around with and get right.

We have a fairly bright and roomy flat for London, and actually have a skinny balcony for our outside space which is fun because Mikee and I love the plants. We have three massive cupboards in our hallway which we’d like to ideally turn into an extra room if we’re allowed because it would be wonderful to have a work/guest/puppy room. I really want white oak floors going seamlessly throughout (totally in love with that kinda flooring) we have great floors in our living room and bedroom but it’s getting a bit tired in the kitchen, hallway, cupboards and bathroom. These seem like the only thing we feel certain about at the moment. So I went through all of my inspiration last week during a quiet moment and made some moodboards for each space…


I’ve been without a desk or my own workspace since I left the house I lived in while at Uni. I’ve been doing freelance work from the sofa, the bed, the coffee table, the dining table in our old flat and the floor. It’s really not ideal. So this is one of the things I’ve been most excited about. But I’ve also been feeling fairly stumped when it comes to this. Ideally if we can get the extra room we’d set something up in there but for now we’ll have to use a section of the living room – and when I thought about all the things I’d really like there (space for paperwork, art materials, cutting/messy space, computer, graphics tablet, film scanner, printer and business bits) I’m scared it’s too much. So this one I want to get right where ever it may end up – something bright, light, inspiring, organised and colourful.Decor-06


Our living room is great, it’s a fairly big rectangular room with big double windows and wood floors. We already got ourselves a light grey sofa when we moved in so we had somewhere to sit and it would compliment whatever came in with it. I love the idea of having a gallery wall with lots of shelving and cosy pillows, lots of books, that camera wall, and trinkets, plants and a sausage dog… Decor-05


Our bedroom is the room I’m happiest with at the moment. The bed is to die for having got the most beautiful reclaimed wood bed frame from Old & New in Camden. It’s got the right kinda feeling already. I love the idea of having a giant map on the wall behind the bed with shelving for bits and pieces that we might need – I have a really old Reader’s Digest Atlas from my grandad and I think it would be really nice to blow one of the maps in there up to cover the wall as the colours are perfect. Decor-04


The kitchen is also throwing me a bit! We have a good amount of space but at the moment it’s not utilised very well. Somehow we only seem to have tiny cupboards and one drawer?! So my main inspiration for this room has come from looking at improving our storage in there. I really love the idea of having open shelving at the top as well as having secret storage in the nooks and crannies you tend to get between appliances and the floor. Also – how cute are the Llama shakers?!Decor-03


Our front door is good but doesn’t feel like the most secure thing so we’re thinking about getting a new front door. I was so inspired by all the things we saw in California and now really want a brightly coloured front door with retro numbers and a postbox. In the hallway it would be great to use the space you never think of using like the image in the corner. Decor-02


This is probably the one I’m most excited about when we can finally get around to it. I love love love the white penny sized tiles with dark grouting. The plants – did you know you can get air plants?! Really functional storage across the empty wall as well as silly things like a dinosaur loo roll holder. Decor-01


We don’t have that much space on the balcony, but we felt it would be great to put some decking down on the floor. Create a herb crate as well as having plants on the railings and possibly having a climbing plant to loop around over the top of it. We already bought a Jasmine plant so I think that may be the one for the job. Also after being in California I’m not obsessed with cacti. Decor-07Does anyone have any tips for this process? We don’t really know what we’re in for at the moment apart from looking at pretty pictures of things people have done before that we’d like to emulate.

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