You all know how many times I’ve mentioned dogs here. Numerous times. My little Biff died 16 months ago and broke my heart after being one of our family at home for 14 years. My mum got a puppy not too long after but I’ve been wanting a little friend up here too, for me and Mikee… We’ve been thinking about it for the last three years because Biff was never destined to be a city dog and he was pretty old by that time. I was in West London one day back then when I went to the Saatchi Gallery with a friend, and spotted a little light grey dachshund which really surprised me because they are usually red or black and tan. So I did a little research when I got home and discovered not only can you get those, you can sometimes get the grey ones and you can get dappled, brindle and English cream ones. They’re all really cute.

Over the last few months since we got the flat and I started working at a place where you occasionally see dogs running around… It’s been playing on my mind that we might be able to get a puppy… Checking anywhere that I could, it seemed like most places you can get these kinds of dogs is either up north, or in Wales – so on Friday when I checked and saw a posting for puppies available in Bedfordshire (not too far away from London) I got Mikee to call up and arrange a visit. So off we went yesterday and met 14 puppies!!! I was in heaven for the afternoon. The breeder seemed like a lovely man and we fell in love with this little lady and reserved her. She’s a little shaded cream miniature long haired Dachshund… Can’t wait to get her here! She’ll be ready to go in 9 days, and her name will be Piggy Boo.

This was one of the other puppies we were thinking about picking. His name would have been Piggy Bob had we have decided to go with him, he played tug of war with my hair and licked my face… But alas, we went with the little lady… But look at what a cutie he is! He’ll make someone very happy.

Puppy cuddles are the best!

Any recommendations on where to get some bits and bobs for her like toys and bedding? I’m not even sure what size harness or collar to get her! Ahhh I’m so in love already.



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