32 // A 52 Week Challenge

Alongside trying to do #100DaysofDrawingMemories I wanted to set myself a year of really simple weekly challenges, think setting time to floss, exercise at home three times a week, cut sugar out. So I’m starting 52 weeks of small steps. One of my overall goals is to make my life a little bit more healthy, I’ve already started over the last year finding food I love that’s healthy and easy to make and trying to figure out what kind of exercise I like, because I’m the last person you’ll find in a gym. I once had free access to a gym, I think I went three times in two years, there was also a swimming pool and I spent all my time in the sauna – sitting on my butt (although I do love swimming). I really don’t want to fork out the money on a gym so anything exercise related to my challenge will most likely revolve around figuring what I can do outside or in the home. This isn’t just about exercise though, it’s about overall body wellness. If I find something I like I’ll try and add it to my daily/weekly routine. Lets see this goes, time to experiment.

For this past week I decided to ease myself in and do something I already do pretty regularly. Walking Piggy for at least thirty mins to an hour everyday (this added with my daily walking time will mean I’ll be walking between an hour or two every day). I ideally wanted to take her out in the mornings so I can spend my evenings focusing on my nightly work sessions and just incase I need to stay late for my day job. It also means I’m a little more awake when I get to work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.28.3652WeekChallenge-03
Turns out that it’s not as easy as I hoped, I am not a morning person in the slightest (the current time of writing this is 01:46am). I successfully walked her three weekday mornings this week and I walked her two weekday evenings, plus this Saturday we took her for a long walk around the docks, through the park and up to Rotherhithe and back. It’s been really nice when we’ve gotten outside and she’s been super happy to go for a walk. I’ve also felt really good doing it, I genuinely love walking – I used to walk an hour every day while at college and I loved it and I was pretty fit at the time. The only thing is finding the motivation to wake up early is really difficult, especially this time of year when it’s still dark and I literally think ‘NO’ to getting up or completely sleep through my alarm.

52WeekChallenge-04I can’t see any downside to doing this everyday so I’m going to carry on as it’s something I want to build into my routine for the future in any case. It keeps me & Piggy healthy and will give me a reason to get out of the house even if it’s raining. I will try to go to bed by at least 1am or earlier on a weekday to make sure I can wake up early enough to take her. Which leads me on to…

Go to bed by 1am and wake up by 7:30am during the weekdays. I know it’s only 6 and a half hours but my body is able to function on that. Wish me luck! If anyone wants to join in with me on this challenge I’ll be using #52WeeksOfSmallSteps to see the progress.

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