And the 52 week challenge continues. I’ve actually made a calendar for the year if you want to join in or just have a nifty calendar – each page is downloadable or get in touch if you want a PDF!

52WeekChallenge-02Go to bed by 1am and wake up by 7:30am during the weekdays. I am a night owl, it’s something that’s been burned into the core of my soul and isn’t something that’s easy to break. This isn’t an easy task.

52WeekChallenge-03I successfully got to bed by 1am 3 nights our of 5 which I would say is pretty good running for me. I think I got out of bed by 8:30 most days though, an hour later than I was aiming for but I like bed too much. I’m not fussed about this as Piggy still got her walks, even if they happened to be in the evenings.

52WeekChallenge-04Getting to bed by 1am was probably a good thing, although I did find myself shutting my computer down at 1 and now 12:45 like I should have. I’m going to be inundated with work soon so I’m not sure if it’s a realistic goal to continue with this while I’m working full time too. I can survive on little sleep but I think I will aim to have 1am as my target bedtime and not feel too bad if I don’t hit it. I will still aim to get piggy her 30min-1hr daily walks though.

52WeekChallenge-05I’m not looking forward to this but I think my next challenge will be ‘no refined sugars’ natural sugars are cool. I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth and any sense of willpower I have around sweets disappears. I’m completely addicted. This last week I have eaten cake several times, cookies, I annihilated a packet of smarties and a packet of malted milk biscuits by myself, had ice cream twice, two chai lattes, jam on toast for breakfast twice, possibly had sugar in my tea on the odd occasion, Mikee brought home chocolate truffles on Friday for me, and I made a chocolate mousse earlier (granted it was made with avocado and dates but hey). I have a problem and I am not afraid to admit it because that’s an obscene amount of sugar.

I tried giving it up last year, it took me two weeks to get over the desire to want to eat a cake everyday even though I do barely actually eat cake. I think I managed for three weeks and slowly introduced it and then completely fell off the wagon again. It was fantastic to give it up though. Refined sugars impacts on acne which I have suffered from, when combined with trans fats they really don’t do your body much help. And to think about what this does to my teeth is horrifying. There are only benefits to giving it up, ultimately I would introducing a restriction of how much I can eat when I feel it’s a good time to bring it back. This week is going to be a toughie.

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