4 // Through a 50mm

Er mer gerd! I recently acquired a 50mm 1.4 lens for my new camera. I am in love. I only really got to play around with it at the weekend with my silly friends but I got some awesome images and it’s made me want to shoot so much more. This doesn’t mean I will be neglecting my film cameras but it’s refreshing to have something to trigger that excitement again.


We also went on a little trip to the RCA to check out the MA shows. There was some really brilliant work but only a few bits shone out from the quick meander we had around. I took some snaps of those. I didn’t get the creatives names again (I’m so bad) so if anyone knows the names let me know. I want the below piece in my future house. I’m a bit of a moth though so when it comes to light related things I will most likely like them!


I think this¬†musical¬†typewriter was my favourite bit. When you typed a note it struck a bell the that lasted the same amount of time it took to word the letter in different pitches. We typed out our names, it was awesome to hear the way it sounded… I gotta say, Antonia’s name sounded the nicest, so if you do go to the RCA show (it’s on till Sunday the 29th) have a little tinkle and see if you come up with some nice sounding words.

IMG_4463 IMG_4464

Dogs! It is true, I’m obsessed. I loved him so he made it in.


This was pretty awesome, you had to smile to get the picture to work on the TV… If you pulled any other face the screen went wavy and disrupted. I liked that it encouraged you to smile more which needs to happen more in the world… Especially in London.


On from smiling at screens to smiling in parks, riding bikes and climbing trees… These are the other images from the day. BTW – cycling on a Boris bike and trying to photograph your friends while they ride their bikes without holding onto the handle bars is harder than it looks and could have resulted in us crashing but it didn’t so yippy!

IMG_4503 IMG_4511 IMG_4529 IMG_4550 IMG_4559 IMG_4563 IMG_4566 IMG_4572 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4591 IMG_4592 IMG_4637 IMG_4657 IMG_4663 IMG_4672 IMG_4695

So yeah, I’m totally in love with my camera and my new lens. I’m hoping to get more design work uploaded tonight as well, hooray for feeling productive…

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