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Hope everyone is well and that anyone reading this had a lovely Easter. It’s been a busy month, I finished up at The Body Shop, I’ve worked on another project for Cineworld and I went to Paris with my mum, turned 29 and had a pretty amusing long weekend with friends, family and lots of cake.

I’ll do a Paris post next week but really wanted to get this one up incase anyone wants to go to to the Wes Anderson Isle of Dogs pop-up exhibition on The Strand. Mikee and I went on Easter Monday and we really delighted to discover it was a dog friendly exhibition (as long as you can carry them) so we could take our little Pig along to meet her pupper counter-parts and not leave her at home. Thankfully a lot of people were very happy to see her little face in the space, I just wish it could happen more often.

For those who don’t know anything about this, Wes Anderson, film-maker extraordinaire, has a new film out now called Isle of Dogs. I’ll put the trailer below. I have absolutely loved all of his films, Mikee and I binge watched all of them a few years ago and in the past I’ve even tried making the pastries from The Grand Budapest Hotel (which are delicious). We haven’t seen the film yet but description according to Wiki is as follows: Set in a dystopian near-future Japan, the film follows a young boy who goes in search of his dog after the whole species is banished to an island due to an illness outbreak.  

When you enter the exhibition you’re greeted by a full scale Ramen bar where you can get drinks and noodles, unfortunately when we went they were all sold out as they only make a couple of hundred bowls a day but luckily for us we were stuffed from lunch anyway. The ramen recipes have been created by the head chef at Engawa in Soho so should we fancy some tasty food that will remind us of the movie perhaps we can visit the restaurant.

After entering the main space you go through to the main exhibition, where you can see the sets, the puppets and hear some of the film score by Alexandre Desplat. There are 17 sets and over 40 puppets that were used in the movie that you can see, all of them hand made, and the detail is incredible on every single little thing. I even watched a how they made it video and they had to make the dogs hair move for each frame so it looks natural. And after having spent 12 hours at university making a simple 1 minute animation out of square pieces of paper moving around, I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been to work on the film and how precise each element would have to be in that process. We were given a leaflet at the start of the tour that said that the film took over 400 days to animate and it was largely filmed at 3Mills Studio in East London.

Once we were done looking around we stopped and had a little something at the Noodle Bar, Mikee had an Asahi and I got some sake just to round off the Easter weekend, although probably not the best idea to drink that before I had circuit training in the evening when we finally got home. Piggy enjoyed herself, she got lots of attention, we got to see some amazing creative work – I really want to go and see the film now, I think having seen only a fraction of the work that’s gone into it I’ll appreciate so much more how much time and effort went into the making of it.

If anyone wants to go the exhibition is on till Sunday the 8th of April which means you’ve got 3 more days to go, it’s at The Store, 180 The Strand, and is open from 11am – 7pm every day. Last entry at 6.30pm. It’s completely free to visit, there’s no booking – if it’s busy just queue and you’ll get in pretty fast. You can take photos and post on social – it’s all good promo for the film AND most importantly you can take a dog inside if you can carry them around. If you have the time and can make it I would highly recommend going… Now to find a dog friendly viewing so we can take Pig to the cinema.

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