53 // On Kindness

So it’s 10pm and I have set myself the challenge of writing something short and something speedy. It’s one of the things I struggle with – if you read my blog you already know how much I can go on – so hopefully this exercise will make that better.

I asked a friend what I should write about and she suggested kindness – which seemed like a good idea. We can all benefit from life just being a little more nice. Even the smallest thing can mean the world to someone else’s day.

I don’t know if this was necessarily a kind act but I do remember having a conversation with a man on my way to university once. I was riding the DLR and looking through a book my mum had bought me. He noticed it (it was a book on sketchbooks) and started a conversation with me about it. I explained what I was studying, he said he was a life coach. He helps people figure out their life purpose and I asked him how he coaches people. He explained to me in the simplest terms he could that he asked people three questions that go something like this. 1: ‘What’s something that bothers you about the world?’, 2: ‘What can you do to help fix the thing that bothers you?’ and 3. ‘How can you start doing that?’.

It was probably the most impactful and meaningful conversation I’ve had with a stranger. It really got me thinking about the important things we can do with our lives, and reminded me that we all have more impact on each other than we think. It also made me realise that to get full satisfaction in our own lives the best thing we can do is to be there for others, even if in the smallest way.

We can all really benefit from showing a bit more kindness and compassion to each other. To pay it forward sometimes. It’s proven that being kind can offer physical and mental health benefits for not only the people involved in that act, but can also positively impact anyone witnessing any act of kindness. We all get a little oxytocin release in that process and that in turn reduces our stress and improves our immune systems. Now I’m down for that.

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