61 // 30 Before 30 Update

4 Months down, 8 to go. This is how I’m doing with my 30 before 30: 3 Done, 14 Doing, 12 Need work on and 1 Failed but not completely. Not bad progress.


  • Visit Sabine in Munich – DOING: Booking this soon.
  • Visit New York – This will have to just be booked for next year, I really want to go in September and we can’t go THIS coming September.
  • Girly weekend. – Need to work on this.
  • Go on a hike. – DOING: Going to Scotland with friends in September, we will do this then.
  • Last festival of my 20s. – DONE: We went to Citadel and it was fun. We are also going to Secret Cinema which I believe is going for a mini festival theme.


  • Launch Kireli. – DOING: I’ve been working away on this the last few weeks.
  • Start a retirement fund. – Help? Anyone?
  • Enter awards for work. – DONE: And we won an award! I will enter more as the year goes on.
  • Go to one exhibition a month. DOING: Have been to the RA 250th Summer Show, D&AD New Blood, Hope to Nope at the Design Museum, Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson, Fred Butler at Now Gallery, the Central Saint Martins degree show, I’ve seen Michael Beirut from Pentagram talk, I’ve been to a talk at Pentagram as well, and we went to see Andreas Gursky at the Hayward Gallery and I’ve got so many more things planned.
  • Mentor someone & be mentored. – DOING: I am in a way helping a couple of people when I can with their work & careers; as much as I can anyway. I’ve also been on the hunt for a mentor and have spoken to some really incredible people in the process.
  • Learn about investing money. – I’ve yet to read my book… Will add it to the line up of reading material.
  • Make something to sell online for passive income. – I have some ideas as I reflect on this right now.
  • Self portrait challenge. – DOING: Need to do more.
  • Teach a class OR do a talk. – DOING: Talking to a friend about organising a talk at the moment.
  • Pitch for business. – Help? Anyone?



  • Hot air balloon ride. – DOING: Need to book it.
  • Do a handstand again. – DOING: Have put handstand training in my bullet journal habit tracker and have successfully done it a few days in a row.
  • Learn to properly hula hoop. – DOING: I got a hula hoop and can almost keep it up (see video – please excuse me being ridiculous).
  • Cook 5 friends a 3 course meal from scratch. – Going to invite some people over soon.
  • Stand on a moving skateboard for longer than 10 seconds. – Have had a couple of people volunteer to teach me, just need to book in a date to do it.



  • Do up our flat. – DOING: Kitchen – Check. Need to crack on with the floor. We’ve had more expenses than we anticipated the last few months so other things are on hold.
  • Treat yourself regularly. – DOING: Have had three facials since I started this (post facial right pic below). I’ve also had a haircut (left pic below) and a massage from the lovely Spirited Away Massage.
  • Read 5 books minimum. DONE!: I have read Catcher in the Rye, The Handmaids Tale, the three books from His Dark Materials, Dark Matter – A Ghost Story. I’m on the Book of Dust at the moment, I have American Psycho lined up, and am showing no sign of stopping.
  • Figure out my style. DOING:
  • Make more videos. – I’ve filmed stuff but not proactively made a video. Need to think about how to build this one into the daily.
  • Blog once a week. – FAILED: Already failed this but I’m blogging more regularly which is a good thing.
  • Start learning to drive again.
  • Say yes to doing things. – DOING: Have been to vegan afternoon tea because a friend asked to go for her birthday, I’ve said yes to doing personal project challenges, yes to the Queen’s Garden Party, yes to going in a pedal boat, yes to going to therapy, I’ve been to see the Foo Fighters because my brother asked me, I said yes to joining in on the fun project with Olly, I was asked if I wanted to be featured on something so I said yes, I have been asked if I want to join something else and will say yes. Saying yes is good.
  • Pay it forward. – Still to do but it’s playing very much on my mind for how I want to approach Kireli.
  • Turn 30 somewhere really special. – Mikee and I spoke about maybe going to the Philippines for my birthday this last weekend, I can’t think of anything more special – especially for the year that marks us having known each other for half our lives.


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