62 // Walthamstow Day Trip

At the start of September I went on a day out to Walthamstow with my beautiful friend Juliette. Even though Walthamstow is in London it’s so far for both of us, we made a day of it.

When we got there we were both super hungry so we went to Eat17, which had really good reviews on Google and it was 100% worth going. Juliette had tagliatelle and I had avo toast with poached eggs because I’m a millennial. They gave us drinks with bamboo straws which were AWESOME. We got some cake and donuts when we left because they looked delightful.

When we left we had a little look in some of the shops in Walthamstow village and went for a walk to see if we could find fabric, but we had places to go and things to see… firstly – the William Morris museum. Set here because he was born in Walthamstow and spent most of his life in the area doing arty and activisty type things. We got to see his old paintings, prints, textiles, all sorts – well worth the visit if you end up in the hood. We sat outside after, chatting and enjoyed our cake in the sunshine.

Next up we made our way to God’s Own Junkyard, wandering through a graveyard and coming across a tudor house. One of the gravestones gave me an idea – how awesome would it be to be buried in a bathtub?

Anyway, I had heard about God’s Own Junkyard around 5 years ago, and have never visited. So it was amazing to finally get there: So many lights, crammed full of neon it was everything I could have wanted – apart from their camera policy. You’re allowed to take photos on your phone but not on an slr, and while I respect that that’s what they want I don’t understand the logic? It all ends up the same… I just wanted to take some nice portraits of my friend. Never mind. We had fun, and when we left we stopped by Mother’s Ruin Gin company and enjoyed a little drink before making our way home.

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