It’s that time of year. Standard British winter has hit with the grey skies, wind and rain… although it’s surprisingly warm for this time of year. But hey, Christmas has been and it’s be a brand new year very soon, so who cares about the weather with family, fun and new prospects on the horizon.

I’ve been busy making presents for my loved ones, I feel like I’ve been shackled to a computer since August, so I decided that I needed to get my craft game on for presents. Plus it eliminated my crazy need to want give people perfect gifts that reflect something meaningful with my limited budget. This way just putting the time in made them meaningful. I made dreamcatchers, plant wall hangers, air plant holders, trays, coffee table bowls and home spa kits with sweet orange body butter, lavender foot soak and tea tree & eucalyptus body scrub.I wanted to do a review of my year, I love looking back. This year has been a good one. It’s been a year of growing and change and I feel like I’ve levelled up in all sorts of ways. Here’s a run down of things that happened…

As soon as I returned to London in January my housemate of six years moved out which I was pretty sad about, but it marked a year of new beginnings. On the third of January Mikee, my mum and I went to look at houses, resuming the search for somewhere to live. The first place we saw that day was the place that ended up being ours two months later… Crazy times. I never imagined I would ever buy a flat in London. If you had have asked me this time two years ago where I saw myself it’s not what I would have thought for myself. We spent a good few weeks just painting it white to mask the smell of ten years of smoke and making it a blank slate ready for us to make our mark on it.

I’ve never really been concerned with this stuff so it’s been a bit of a learning curve which I’ve really enjoyed pursuing. I’ve learned I really like pilates, it’s such hard work but so beneficial for someone who spends most of their time sitting as it focus’ on your core muscles and getting those engaged. I want to find some more areas of exercise I enjoy so I can create a routine to get to a state where my body is happy and humming with life.
It was one of my priorities to not get ill this year. I’ve been notoriously bad for getting sick, this time last year I had already been ill 4 times since September and I got an ear infection in January of this year, after that I started trying to take as much care myself as possible because wasting so much time on being ill is not fun.
One massive triumph has been my skin, which has been a big issue for me since I was thirteen. At twenty six I can finally say I think I’ve cracked how to take care of it which I am so happy to have done – through lots of research. I used to have acne, I got teased for it, I saw a terrible GP when I was younger who didn’t take my cry for help seriously and just told me to wash my face, and as an adult you expect it to go away and mine just didn’t. It turns out for me it was a lot to do with what I was putting on my face already and not understanding the needs of my skin as well as what I was putting in my body (it’s crazy what you eat can do to you).

OMG I worked like crazy this year. My current job means I frequently work late, I’ve had two or three days this year where we’ve worked into the early hours of the morning and more so the late hours of the evening. Although this has been the case I’ve still managed to design an e-commerce website for Hubbub Catering where I designed the website, art directed, illustrated and photographed all assets for it. It was such a fun project being able to follow my own intuition and create something they were genuinely happy with, makes them stand out and that will last them a long time.
A friend asked if I wanted to work on a site for a publishers with them, and it was great to collaborate again. I also did lots of lovely work for the charity First Story, anthology covers, flyers and most recently I’ve had the pleasure of working on their annual report. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on Lagan Candles, this has been a really nice branding and packaging project which I can’t wait to share with you. Hopefully this will lead on to lots more wonderful work next year.
Finally, the biggest things I’ve worked on have been two campaigns for Musicroom. The projects had super short deadlines, and I needed to produce a lot of assets and content for them. It was quite a lot of stress due to the time scales I had to work on the briefs, but I was very happy to get the work out and very proud of myself for working as hard as I did to get everything done.

Hubbub2-050LRScreen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.49.51 ChristmasTwitterAds_BFS
This was the highlight of my year. Mikee and I went on our awesome ten year anniversary trip to California, exploring San Francisco, Los Angeles and going to Palm Springs and Coachella. It was the best time and has left me feeling very inspired creatively even still now, eight months after. Travel is such an important thing to do, getting out of your comfort zones and seeing new sights and having new experiences. It makes you appreciate the beauty of this planet we’re on.
I also went on a whim trip to Canada to see my best friend in Toronto where I also got the chance to see my dad, I haven’t seen him in person since 2012 when we visited Michigan on our road trip, and thought it would be awesome to see him before Christmas. It was a spontaneous, last minute decision and I’m so glad I did it. I only went for five days but it was well worth it to see him and Christina, and to have a well deserved opportunity to get silly drunk (it doesn’t happen often with all the work) with my best friend at the beautiful bar Miss Things and then eat Canada’s delicacy of poutine with her for the ultimate comfort food.


Some notable highlights were random meet ups with Antonia and Aaron and two planned ones with them – dressing up for Rocky Horror Picture Show, Gay Pride, Halloween and then the first London Family Christmas in our new flat.
I got to live with our lovely friend Emma for two months which was awesome.
I made lovely work friends who have become Piggy’s second family.
I got to see one of my favourite friends marry his true love in August – may you both have a very happy future Dan and Nicola, and at the wedding it was wonderful to see our friends James and Fridha again who came all the way over from Sweden, as well as hanging out with some lovely friends from home who also live in London.
Spending time with Christina in Canada and meeting her lil dog Frannie and her boyfriend Dorian, as well as seeing her lovely mum.
Mikee and I went to Sky Garden as one of our dates, the views were pretty lovely up there, as were the cocktails. We also made friends with a hawk in Canary Wharf.
I had many lunch dates with Juliette and the occasional one with Beth, it was nice to be able to do that again!
I went to see the CSM degree show with my friend Clementine, and we even went to the design junction event that was part of design week, which was held in the old St Martins building where I studied for my degree, it was AWESOME being back there after four years. So many memories.
We spent a lovely day walking around Richmond with our friend Josefine, taking Piggy to her first proper park to see the dear – luckily no Fenton event happened.
My mum came up to London a lot to help us with the flat move which we’re so appreciative for. I also got to see my dad in person which was awesome, and I spent time with my brother and his lovely lady Sarah. My family came up to see us in London with my nieces and nephew and we went to the London Dungeons. Mikee’s sister also moved up to London from Brighton, so it’s been awesome seeing her and his niece and nephew more – having Friday craft time, nerf gun battles and seeing the Victorian dinosaurs in Crystal Palace park.
Another highlight was spending time in London with my old friend Nicola. I miss her loads and wish for the coming year to spend more time with her.

Less gigs this year but we went to Coachella, where we saw the delights of Jungle, Glass Animals, Kasabian, Jack White, Brand New, Tame Impala and Jenny Lewis.
I walked out of my first gig ever as it was so disappointing sound wise, and saw some amazing acts as well as discovering a whole bunch more. Back in England we saw Vaults, Best Coast, My Morning Jacket, Best Coast, Django Django and spent some time back stage at a Lucy Rose gig with Piggy as Mikee was playing violin for her. Mikee played with Lucy on Radio One earlier this year, he played the last night of her tour in London and got to play at Maida Vale and Shepherd’s Bush Empire with Ghostpoet *proud girlfriend*.
I started the new playlist, but I got overwhelmed with work and need to start it again in the new year. This is something I’m committed to doing next year as I plan on creating more time for myself. The last gig of the year was probably the best, Django Django with my wonderful friend Dan at the Roundhouse and we had a friend date and danced the entire gig. Pure joy.
The best message taken away from music this year was from Jack White reminding us that it is a sacred thing which I wholeheartedly agree with.
I really loved a bunch of albums released this year. My top ten were Rituals by Other Lives, What Went Down by Foals, Currents by Tame Impala, Oh Wonder by Oh Wonder, In The Cards by Robert DeLong, In Return by Odesza (this will make me remember friends, travels and summer), Born Under Saturn by Django Django, That’s The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon (this one helped when I was annoyed!), Depression Cherry by Beach House and lastly, this is from last year but I listened to it a LOT this year, when we moved in to our new flat it was the first thing on our stereo which was the first priority to get working, I made Christina put it on in Canada, we saw them play at Coachella, Zaba by Glass Animals has probably been my album of the year. Much bass, many good. Hopefully 2016 has some awesome releases because this year has been pretty darn awesome.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

We got Piggy! It’s been the best thing ever and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. She’s helping me and Mikee settle in to our home and marks the start of us building a life together. She’s already got 2000 followers on instagram which is insane, and she’s been in a Buzzfeed video and featured on Sausage Dog Centrals Facebook and Instagram, and she’s only 6 Months old. I wander what our wonderpup will do next year? She’s just the cutest, #piggyforqueen.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetTHE FUTURE
I’m really looking forward to next year. I’m formulating plans which should make 2016 a scary and exciting year for my personal ambitions. I’m going to be working with my old mentor Sabine on a project which I’m really looking forward to and I’ve booked a trip to Barcelona for me and my mum in March to say thank you for helping us with our house stuff. It’ll be really nice to have some time with just my mum, seeing a place neither of us have been to before.
I’ve learned this year that following my heart will take me to places I love, next year I imagine will be a whirlwind. I have so many ideas I want to pursue, part of that is to benefit my little space on the internet and fingers crossed 2016 will allow me to do that.

Happy New Year my darlings.


IMG_8374I genuinely wish I had more time. More time to think about exercising, more time to focus on writing this blog and to actually update my portfolio properly. To cook and clean. To take our puppy for walks. I half wish I was a morning person too so I could cram this stuff in then, but I do love the loneliness that comes from staying up super late and the feeling you get with it where you can relax and be completely you. Of being one of the very few people who are getting to experience the silence in those quiet late hours.

Anyway, it’s a chance to have one of those quiet moments where the world is mine. So I thought I would post a little update as I haven’t had a chance to post here for a while.

Not much has changed apart from the weather and darker days as we head into winter again, but over the last few months my life has mostly consisted of work at work, work at home, sleep and repeat. I had a wonderful friends wedding, an inpromptu trip to Canada and a puppy thrown into the mixture just to make life a little more fun.

The puppy’s name is Piggy Boo. The puppy in the last post ended up not being ours and in a strange twist of fate we’ve ended up with our meant to be little Pig and she’s amazing. This is the main thing I wanted to update you on – so here’s a bunch of pictures were you can see how she’s grown. She’s a long haired minature dachshund, a sort of caramel colour with a chocolate base – like an awesome cheesecake but hairy. She is on Instagram as @ohyoupiggyboo (if you want to follow), she’s been in a Buzzfeed video & she’s five months old now. That’s how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post! I have serious blog guilt.

I’m making plans to make some more time for me soon, I can’t keep trundling along like I have been as I’ll go a little bit crazy. But at least there’s now a new family member around to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Anyway, later taters! Enjoy the puppy pictures!

IMG_8335 IMG_8344 IMG_8348 IMG_8352 IMG_8358 IMG_8372 IMG_8417 IMG_8563 IMG_8570 IMG_8604 IMG_8613 IMG_8618 IMG_8635 IMG_8639 IMG_8667 IMG_8684 IMG_8726 IMG_8731 IMG_8796 IMG_8814 IMG_8864 IMG_8887 IMG_8904 IMG_8916 IMG_8932  IMG_8950 IMG_8981 IMG_8994 IMG_9296IMG_9302



You all know how many times I’ve mentioned dogs here. Numerous times. My little Biff died 16 months ago and broke my heart after being one of our family at home for 14 years. My mum got a puppy not too long after but I’ve been wanting a little friend up here too, for me and Mikee… We’ve been thinking about it for the last three years because Biff was never destined to be a city dog and he was pretty old by that time. I was in West London one day back then when I went to the Saatchi Gallery with a friend, and spotted a little light grey dachshund which really surprised me because they are usually red or black and tan. So I did a little research when I got home and discovered not only can you get those, you can sometimes get the grey ones and you can get dappled, brindle and English cream ones. They’re all really cute.

Over the last few months since we got the flat and I started working at a place where you occasionally see dogs running around… It’s been playing on my mind that we might be able to get a puppy… Checking anywhere that I could, it seemed like most places you can get these kinds of dogs is either up north, or in Wales – so on Friday when I checked and saw a posting for puppies available in Bedfordshire (not too far away from London) I got Mikee to call up and arrange a visit. So off we went yesterday and met 14 puppies!!! I was in heaven for the afternoon. The breeder seemed like a lovely man and we fell in love with this little lady and reserved her. She’s a little shaded cream miniature long haired Dachshund… Can’t wait to get her here! She’ll be ready to go in 9 days, and her name will be Piggy Boo.

This was one of the other puppies we were thinking about picking. His name would have been Piggy Bob had we have decided to go with him, he played tug of war with my hair and licked my face… But alas, we went with the little lady… But look at what a cutie he is! He’ll make someone very happy.

Puppy cuddles are the best!

Any recommendations on where to get some bits and bobs for her like toys and bedding? I’m not even sure what size harness or collar to get her! Ahhh I’m so in love already.





Hello! Been a little too busy to upload any blogposts recently as I’ve had a lot of freelance work on but I wanted to make the effort with this… So welcome to the second Off The Record playlist – yay. So grab some good speakers, or some headphones, a comfy spot, possibly a refreshing snack and just enjoy. I’m going to try and write a little while my niece plays make believe and talks to me non-stop.

PurityRingFirst up we have Purity Ring, the album came out earlier this year and I had this track stuck in my head the other day so felt it would be a good addition to the playlist. They seems to do some interesting stage performances when I’ve looked them up, they want to make the electronic music scene a bit more interesting to watch, which is something I admire.

TameImpalaCurrents by Tame Impala came out this week, you could listen to the preview stream on NPR First Listen so I checked it out on there. I honestly wasn’t fussed about them before, I tried listening to the last album and just didn’t get it.  We saw the end of their set at Coachella and it was actually really good so I decided to give this a try, and I actually really like it. It flows and progresses perfectly. Mikee told me that they delayed the release by a couple of months because they wanted it to be perfect and I think it’s a really good thing that they waited till it was.

bibioI honestly don’t know much about Bibio, but my lovely friend Juliette sent it over and I liked it so thought I would include it here. This is probably the best track on the album, but the rest of the album is still pretty good.

ChvrchesI had to do some stuff last year for Chvrches and Yellow Bird Project as they have a t-shirt over there raising money for charity Nordoff Robbins who focus on music therapy. This is their latest single and it’s pretty much what you would expect from them… Summery 80s electronic pop style music.

OhWonderI posted about We The Wild before, who I really liked. But they decided to call it quits and now one of the members is in Oh Wonder, who are releasing a new track every month. The music is a little bit like We The Wild, but a bit more chilled like the XX. The music is nice, if a little repetitive, but certainly worth listening to.

foalsYay more Foals! This one is a little less angry than the last one. I am still exited about the new album, keep bringing more great songs out please!

Rufus_band_imageI caught Cut Copy at Coachella in 2011 and fell in love with the atmosphere at their gigs. So when they played in London last year I had to go. I forced Mikee to come with me, I think he enjoyed it too. We ended up eating at the same restaurant as them beforehand too but I was too shy to go say hello haha – seems to be a common theme? Anywho, RUFUS opened for them, another Australian dance band and they were pretty great. It took me a couple of listens to be convinced but I do really like them. I especially like this video of theirs – I’m all over those awkward dance moves:

Beach-House-2Beach House! Yay! This song takes a bit of time to actually get into it but it’s pretty good. Their albums are always addictive when they come out so I’m looking forward to the next one… I’m sure there will be even more strong tracks on there.

MARIKA-HACKMAN-MIKE-1-of-2Marika Hackman has done some collaborations with Sivu which have been pretty spot on. She’s also half Finnish, like yours truly, so I can totally get behind her and it’s a plus that her music is really nice and she has a beautiful voice to boot. She released her album back in February so if you like the track here certainly go and listen to the rest because the rest is just as good.

WolfAliceWolf Alice keep coming up on my Deezer suggestions and it takes me back to the late 90s and when I became a teenager and got really into watching things like The Craft and listening to Garbage – a little bib 90s, a little bit grungy but nothing too crazy. They remind me of that time and it was a wonderful time to be reminded of.

WeezerWeezer released their latest album last year just before I left my old job, I loved that they collaborated with Bethany Cosentino on Go Away and they have just released the video for the track in the last week, reminding me of how awesome the song is. So sharing it here was a must!

13056Ms Mr made it onto my radar with Hurricane, what an incredible song. I still love it. They just released their new album, while going a lot more poppy than before which isn’t what attracted me to them, but it’s still got some nice stuff on it. This song is probably one of my favourites from the latest release.

Once again, it’s just under an hour’s worth of listening, of music that I find intriguing. I hope you like it too. If anyone can think of anything I might like again, do send me some suggestions. Have an enjoyable week y’all.

26 // Off the Record – One

OffTheRecord1I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to do a playlist for the last couple of months so here we go! I’m going to try and create a new one every fortnight with music that appeals to me and freshly released and found stuff.

Music is such an important thing to me. I was out recently and I was chatting with a friends new partner and realised that I’d probably been talking at him for half an hour about all this great music and why I loved it and at the same time realised I never have these conversations very much anymore, so I would like to encourage more music chatter here. It always has been important to me and I was feeling a bit sad that I’ve not really been repping my love for it as much recently on the blog which is why I wanted to now. So here was have ‘Off the Record’, the new music section of the blog where I’ll share a regularly posted Deezer playlist the I will have made up covering things that I find and things that I love already. For this first one I’ve taken tracks I’ve loved that have come out over the last month or two whether they be on albums or on singles. Have a little listen and if you’re interested I’ve written a short bit about each artist below. Enjoy!

Lucy-Rose-Like-An-Arrow-Audio-BQTo give a run down, we have the lovely Lucy Rose – She’s just released her second album Work It Out which also features some lovely pals and my awesome boyfriend playing strings on Nebraska. I’ve got both I’ve tried and Nabraska in the playlist. If you like the songs I would urge you to check out the album as it’s great. She covered Bad Blood by Taylor Swift recently on the BBC Live Lounge and Mikee was there which was pretty neat. Have a little gander below if you want to listen…

Next up is Other Lives – I have to tell you that the album I’ve taken the track off – Rituals – is soooooo good I had trouble picking just one off the put on the playlist. I told a very close friend of mine to listen to them and she said that she was on a higher state of being just listening to the band. It will not disappoint you.

Other Lives_Jeremy Charles3Vaults I found at the end of last year and absolutely loved their sound as soon as I heard the first track. They’re very consistent and just plain old great. The singer has an incredible voice and everything in the music compliments everything else.

vaults-eliot-lee-hazel-2014-2048x1365-011Djang Django – Another brilliant album, I remember seeing them open for someone a few years ago and thinking that they were Scottish and weird but that they were pretty great live too so when their newest album came out in the same week as the Other Lives album (great week) I checked it out and it’s also tres good! The whole album flows and it’s fun – so fun I bought some tickets to go and see them play later in the year.

Django DjangoBest Coast released California Nights in the same week too. Truly a great week. I was so happy to have heard them soundcheck while we were in America and then got to catch them properly over here too. The album is a bit less poppy than their last albums, which is good, just sounds a little more serious – the track I selected is one of my favourites of the album.

Best-Coast-California-Nights-2015Odesza x Zyra is not my usual cup of tea but I really like this so wanted to include it as a new discovery. I’m quite gutted I didn’t get to see them play at Coachella, even though it’s not my usual kind of music. I found it when a friend posted the Denali video on Facebook, which made me cry, but it ends on this track perfectly.


Next up we have Jamie XX, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole album but I do really like the track he’s done with Romy on vocals so I have also included that.

Jamiexx.13Robert DeLong is also another anomaly in my music taste, it’s more dancey that I would usually like but he draws his inspirations from the same people I do and he uses some cool tech to play his music! I would love to go and see him play live. This is his latest track and he has a new album out soon.

11537529_1110113992335699_6222270027081883960_oFoals. Who doesn’t love Foals? I can’t wait for their album to arrive but for now I will play What Went Down on repeat…

Foals-Press-Shot-credit-Nabil-ElderkinEverything Everything – Their new album is mostly good! The singers voice is a bit like marmite in that some people really can’t listen to him but I don’t mind it – I think it works pretty well to make their sound distinctive. Zero Pharao is probably my favourite track on the album so here we go with it!

Screen-Shot-2015-06-16-at-15.24.57Laurel‘s Blue Blood is the track that I initially found her with. I adore this song and she’s rerecorded it with a full orchestra and released it as a single. I could not be happier. The rest of her tracks are just perfect too so certainly go and check them out if you enjoy this one. I’ve seen talk of an album so that’s exciting about that too.

Wavves x Cloud Nothings – I love Wavves, their albums are fantastic and after having seen a pretty gritty show in London I really admire them. I don’t know that much about Cloud Nothings but I really like this collaboration album that they’ve done so I am planning on checking them out soon.

Cloud-Nothings-WavvesI posted about Jack Garratt before on this blog. Read about it here. He is one of the best performers around so anyone getting the chance to see him live will be in for a treat.! He’s actually playing with MSMR soon which I would go and see if I could – if you can go, then do go. Weathered is a new track and his sound is definitely evolving so it should be a treat to see where he goes with it.

Jack-GarrattLastly we have Villagers. Their latest album Darling Arithmetic is wonderful. All three of their albums have different sounds and I love that this one is so personal to Conor O’brien and fuelled by something that’s so important to him. Soul Serene is my favourite track on this release. It’s just perfect, and the right way to end the playlist.

It’s just under an hour’s worth of listening, of music that I find brilliant. I hope you like it too. If anyone can think of anything I’d like please do send me some suggestions, I’d really like to have this music sharing thing become a community.

25 // Lala Land

LA was the third and final leg of our trip, following San Francisco (read the first post here) and then Palm Springs and Coachella (read the second post here). After watching embarrassing amounts of 90210 and Angel, I kinda couldn’t wait to go – though I knew I would prefer San Francisco. We stayed in a lovely AirBnB in Santa Monica, and spent our time exploring the vast place that Los Angeles is.


Our Coachella camping buddies gave us a ride from Coachella to Santa Monica in the Coachella Mobile as part of our exchange!


Our legs – Our most useful asset but also not good enough for how big LA is.

UBER – I now love Uber! It was so cheap that it wasn’t worth getting public transport when you could just get an Uber there faster, especially with the Pool feature. Journeys across the city cost about $15 using that service. The cheapest trip, possibly a ten minute drive with four of us in the car cost about $4.

Cruisers – Along the beach from Santa Monica down to Venice, this cost us about $30

Car – Our AirBnB host drove us from Santa Monica up the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu to Santa Barbara and back – the journey took about an hour and a half one way.


We stayed with a lovely lady called Jamie who has a spare room in her apartment. It was about a fifteen minute walk from the beach which was amazing and the vibe of the house was very relaxed. The room was perfect for just the two of us and we could use the kitchen, bathroom and living room as needed. Jamie was the best part of the AirBnB though, she was so friendly and nice and very kindly offered to drive us along the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara. Something we wouldn’t have been able to do with just our legs and Uber. I couldn’t recommend this Airbnb room enough, if you want to visit Santa Monica, certainly check it out.


Dinner was Italian deliciousness from Ristorante Al Mare on Santa Monica pier.

Once we arrived at our lovely Airbnb with Jamie we followed her instructions to get in… All of us so relieved to see another real toilet after Coachella and our two hour drive. Jamie was there anyway and gave us a very friendly greeting before heading out. Mikee and I took turns to have a very welcome shower (camping for four days in the dessert + sweaty tent = gross) and then decided to head out and explore. You could feel the temperature difference so much from the desert to being by the ocean, we were a lot cooler there. We walked fifteen minutes down Wilshire Boulevard and arrived at Ocean Avenue. Cue Yellowcard and being 14 again. We walked along the promenade, crossed the PCH to the beach and walked in the sand toward the pier while the sun was moving into setting position.

We were’t sure what to do so figured food would be a great option as we love it so much. So we settled for somewhere that had a happy hour and fantastic views from the top of the pier. We had a pizza roll for starters (I’ll be having one of those again), followed by brilliant pasta dishes and then a dessert that consisted of seven different ways you could have chocolate (Antonia would be so jealous). So much chocolate. All while watching to sun set behind the mountains on the coast… It got a little chilly but we explored Santa Monica pier and played some games in the arcade. Mario Cart being the clear winner of fun times. We won like 84 tickets which earned us two sweets which I feel is winning at life… We then found Zoltar! Remember the machine from Big? He gave us our fortunes and answered our wishes, apparently I know a lot of people in armed forces?… We then decided to head back to our room and catch some z’s, not sure if our age would change anymore than eight hours by the morning…


Breakfast – we wandered over to Vons the closest supermarket and got ourselves some food. 

Lunch – Tea from Proof Bakery followed by more tea from Dinosaur Coffee.

Dinner – Deliciousness from The Black Cat in Silverlake

Drinks – Malo for delicious Mexican cocktails

Once we woke up and had a quick wash we decided it would be wise to get some food for the next few days and headed over to Von’s. It was nice in there but I preferred Ralph’s in Palm Springs out of the supermarkets we visited. We decided to order some sandwiches from the deli counter and the lady who served us was the saddest person in the universe. She spread the butter with misery on her face, got the bread all wrong and unenthusiastically gave us our food. I really wish I could have done something to cheer her up but not knowing the problem would make my efforts a little futile.

We had our sad sandwiches for breakfast, followed by pretty delicious cake and then decided to go and explore Silverlake on the other side of LA. Checking google maps to plan public transport we discovered it would take two hours. TWO HOURS! So we decided to try and Uber it. It took 40mins maximum, with a lady driving us who reminded me of a mum, and cost us $30 which seemed entirely reasonable – because two hours. I wanted to visit Silverlake because I’d found a guide on DesignLoveFest which looked pretty fun. Plus I wanted to see the Elliot Smith memorial wall as I’d bought Figure 8 when I was about sixteen after seeing this beautiful little animation, and Autumn De Wilde who shot the cover is one of my favourite photographers.

We got dropped off at Proof Bakery and decided to get some tea because we were pretty full from our sad sandwiches. We then had no idea where to go, so walked forever, crossed the Los Angeles River and walked to the Elliot Smith memorial. I think we walked for about an hour, discovering a pretty cool shop called Wacko in the middle of a very long street.

One of the distinct differences I can say between Los Angeles and London is how people have used the space. Everything in LA seems pretty spaced out, if you want to go from one thing to another it seems likely that you’ll have to go pretty far to get there, whereas here in London everything is crammed together. I could probably walk an hour through the areas where people live in London and come across hundreds of pubs, shops and establishments.

We got to the memorial, I took some goofy photos outside and then we went into Dinosaur Coffee next door and got some more hot beverages. I had a lovely cup of golden needle tea which was very tasty.  After we continued exploring, as per the guide we noticed one of the recommended places Malo, was next door… we carried on down the road finding more cute shops and ended up in record shop after witnessing a cyclist slip off his bike in the middle of traffic. Kudos to him, he didn’t get run over, just got up and cycled off.

6LAThe record store was called Vacation and we chatted to the owner for what felt like an hour or so. He really loved music and it was nice to talk to someone who really cares about it. He showed us some of his new discoveries, and we were soon tempted to buy a vinyl but weren’t sure how to return with it in the suitcase. Once we left we walked down the road to discover the following: chickens, a piano, white painted palm trees, surf shops (can I surf please?) and an awesome comic book shop right out of ghost world. We were feeling a little hungry by this time so decided to head to one of the recommended places to eat. When we had been in the record shop the owner had looked at our list and backed up the Black Cat.

The place was so elegant and beautiful when we got inside. It was dimly lit and we grabbed a table for two. The waitress was super friendly and recommended some drinks. I ended up getting some wine that was pretty delicious and I ordered the burrata starter plate… It came with green beans which were really zingy and crunchy onions. All the flavours fit together perfectly and it was the most delicious thing I have eaten in months. I’m salivating as I write this. Mikee got the fried chicken which was also tasty but I was so happy with my cheese and green beans I didn’t regret my decision. We had a couple of cocktails and then decided to visit Malo as we were close to there still – they gave us some nachos and we got some margaritas before ordering another Uber home, using the pool option which cost us $15. Our driver was super friendly and we pooled with a guy who had just picked up some records and a tape from Amoeba music. So all round a very musical day.


Breakfast Bagels, scrambled egg and avocado – nom who doesn’t love avocado for breakfast!?

Late lunch was had at In’n’Out, we wanted to try this from having heard rave reviews.

Dinner was Mac n Cheese from Beer Belly along with drinks.

More Drinks at The Den

Our second full day in LA we decided to go and do something a little touristy and go on a hike to the hollywood sign. Let me warn you it’s terribly signposted. The only thing we saw giving us directions to it was probably 50feet away from it… when it was clearly in vision *facepalm*.

11LAWe got our Uber to the Griffith Observatory. Today our Uber drivers were middle eastern men who had been prisoners of war. Our pool person was a girl who was a bag of nerves going to the hospital… Once we reached the Observatory we wandered around and decided to go to the planetarium. (Can I just say how cool a day festival in a planetarium would be! With the stars moving above your head slowly and changing perspective.) We then found the hiking trail and followed what we thought was the correct path, it turned out to be a pain in the ass. Literally.

12LA13LATo break it down: We saw stunning views, we walked around the hills, we found a water tower and the path ended… We tried to make our own way over but I ended up sliding down the hill, brusing my butt and grazing my armpit (of all places). So we went back on ourselves with me feeling a little shaken up that I could have slid all the down the really steep hill… we were really hungry so gave up, found the sign pointing to the sign but decided to try and get to a road. Google maps pointed out a road that was close by… But our path ended next to the road with steep slopes on either side, ‘No trespassing’ to the left, and then steep, sandy, dusty, grassy slope to the other side. We opted for steep and dusty not wanting to get shot… and so ensued twenty minutes of sliding down this hill on my bottom, ripping my tights, getting sand and seeds from the grass in my underwear and shoes. Uncomfy. If you go for a hike to the Hollywood sign – learn from our mistakes, plan it and don’t wear tights. Looking back it was hilarious, at the time having seeds in my underwear and a grazed armpit was just uncomfortable.

15LAAs we were starving we decided to find an In’N’Out burger as we’ve heard good things and wanted to see for ourselves, the verdict: good burger! Animal style fries aren’t too great though. Luckily I had packed leggings and other shoes in Mikee’s bag so I got changed out of my ripped, sandy, seedy tights and we were off on our way again. We were meeting our Coachella buddies for a night out so decided to walk to the place we were meeting. It took us an hour and a half to walk there while coming to the revelation that dates come from palm trees. Stupidly because we’d been to the date garden in palm springs and I clearly didn’t learn anything there other than date milkshake is yummy.

We met Sarah and Kyle in Beer Belly which had been recommended by their airbnb host. I had wine and the others had beer which sounded pretty delicious. Me and Mikee ordered mac and cheese which was very tasty but so rich I could only eat a quarter of it – lucky Mikee. We then decided to try to go out, stopping at their apartment before trying to find somewhere on the Sunset Strip… We found a funny little bar where people were doing karaoke and then discovered that everywhere in LA closes at 2am. Literally no where stays open later than that even at the weekends. All of us a little disappointed, agreed to meet on Friday and start earlier to make the most of the 2am curfew.


Same old same old breakfast

Lunch picnic on the beach

For dinner  we Pad Thai and Pad Crystal from Bangkok West Thai with delicious wine

Today we decided to explore the area in which we were staying and discovered Santa Monica is lovely! We really wanted to hire bikes and cycle down to the beach so this became our plan. We wandered 3rd Street promenade, looking in the lovely shops, marvelling at the dinosaur jasmine water fountains… I found Madewell, spotted my new backpack and we then went to get some bikes and cycled down to Venice.

19LAOnce we hit the pier we hired cruisers from Sea Mist rentals and went on our way. It took about thirty mins of cycling to get to Venice. Very quick. Quicker than I was expecting, but we decided to chill out on the beach and eat lunch while some lady had her photos taken wearing a bikini right next to our spot. Mikee decided to dig a hole in the sand and made it about three feet deep which is a pretty deep hole… I wanted to do something with all the wet sand. So I decided to write ‘I love you’ in the sand and take a polaroid of it – getting creative. We cycled back, stopping briefly to look at the shops in Venice which were mostly full of tourist tat and devices you could use to get off your face. So we just cycled back and dropped off our bikes. We were a little hungry so decided to go get some dinner, Mikee found a thai place online and so we were off on our way.

20LA 21LA 22LA 23LA25LA 25LAa 26LA 27LA29LA 30LA 31LAOddly we bumped into our camping neighbours on our way – four british girls (I wander if I’ll ever see them here in London?!) and then stopped in a British Pub because Mikee was curious… It was stuck in a time warp for sure. Once we reached the thai place I felt severely inappropriately dressed because it was quite fancy and I was wearing a hoodie with a backpack that I’ve had since I was 13. They let us eat there though and the food was really rather good.

Once we got back Jamie was sitting in the living room and we hadn’t really seen her since we arrived so we had a nice conversation with her. She works on films and tv and her last job was on Marco Polo on Netflix which was pretty cool. She told us she had had an interview with Paramount and was waiting to hear back. We talked about the local area and she told us the pacific coast highway is really nice. We told her we couldn’t drive and she said that she’d be free the next day and offered to drive us along which was incredibly sweet of her. So we went to sleep dreaming about road trips.


Chai lattes and cinnamon rolls from Starbucks as road trip snacks

Wine from Oreana in Santa Barbara followed by pizza from the Lucky Penny

Drinks from The Independence and more shenanigans at The Craftsman

More pizza from Joe’s Pizza

This day was one of the best days. We woke up fairly early and we ready to go out with Jamie for the day. She took us in her little car along the PCH and showed us a couple of beaches in Malibu. She took us to Point Dume, which had a stunning view of the coastline back to Santa Monica and Venice, where we also saw a very skinny, tired looking seal…Mikee tried to be a hero and call the animal rescue people but it swam off as we decided to leave.

37LA38LA40LA41LAShe also took us to Matador Beach which had massive rocks coming out of the sand. We explored and found some funny looking blue jellyfish along the beach and then went back to the car. We then continued up until we got to Santa Barbara. The drive was very pretty indeed.

42LA 43LA 44LA 45LA 46LAAs soon as we got out of the car in Santa Barbara, Jamie got a call telling her she’d been offered the job at paramount so we decided to go and find a wine bar (not hard) and celebrate! We ended up at Oreana Winebar and got a rose… which was delicious again. Going to say I like proper Californian wine. In the toilet they had a chart explaining all the different types of wine you can get and the different grapes etc, it looked like a periodic table. We then went to get some food from a little place called Lucky Penny, which was actually covered in coins. Some pretty delicious pizza made its way into our mouths and we sat next to a very opinionated but nice old man who reminded me of my grandad. He had a little dog under the table which helped. We chatted with him and then set off on our way back. Santa Barbara was lovely, and given the opportunity I would go back. I really need to learn how to drive.47LA49LA 50LA 51LA 52LA54LAWhen we got back to Santa Monica we went to meet Sarah and Kyle again at a bar called the Independence which we’d found the day before. We sat at the bar and ordered cocktails, and the mixologist behind the bar was very skilled and fun to chat to. The cocktails were all great, with very versatile flavours. All of them seemed to be both sweet and savoury. My favourite one was the Campanula Sour which had a ring of red bell pepper in it.

56LAAfter a few hours we went to another bar that was playing very loud dance music. I was quite merry by that point and couldn’t finish the drink I bought from there. It was a nice bar but way too loud so we decided to go somewhere else. We wandered to a place that was more low-fi with a local rock band playing and took some funny photos in their fake Photo Booth.

Once we left we decided to find food (again) and we found pizza. Delicious delicious pizza. It was massive and cheap and great. We ordered a whole one and walked down to near the beach to consume it. Mikee wanted more pizza than he got, and he danced around (with Kyle) like a champ trying to persuade us to get more pizza because he loved it so much. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

We said our goodbyes to them afterwards, glad to have met these lovely people and a little sad it might be a while before we haphazardly come across them again. Hooray for Facebook.


Delicious delicious breakfast from Huckleberry

Lunch gelato from Cafe Bellagio and delicious pressed juice from Wholefoods

We attempted dinner from Rustic Canyon but succeeded in epic proportions at El Cholo

This day we decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast and go to a place which had a massive queue. Usually we wouldn’t queue for food no matter how much we love it but this place looked really nice. They had a sign on the wall which said ‘Every woman should own a blow torch’ which I agree with and would now like to find one – any recommendations?

The breakfast we had was really great, I had a fried egg and bacon sandwich which came with a garden, and Mikee had a Croque Madame which was pretty darn tasty – need to make this at home. We walked to 3rd Street promenade and looked in the shops before heading back into Madewell where I deliberated buying the backpack and a purse. I decided to treat myself and got both. Tempted by everything else in the shop too, please please please can they open up a store over here? All of the clothes are beautiful and I could waste a lot of money in there. When I went to pay I looked at my purse at the time and realised that I did desperately need to do this – it was falling apart and looking very sorry for itself. We got some ice cream and realised we were pretty tired after our fun night out so went back to the apartment and had a nap.

61LA62LAOur nap lasted until 9pm… We wanted to go and get some dinner for our last night in Santa Monica and so went to a restaurant called Rustic Canyon which looked lovely but all the prices were very expensive and we couldn’t see anything we’d want to eat on the menu. So we had some wine and then promptly made our way to a fun looking Mexican place down the road. We ordered two platters and stuffed ourselves, unable to finish the food. So so happy we’d ended up there. I love chimmichangas. A night time stroll on the beach followed before heading back to get a good nights sleep before setting off the following day.


Brunch was Sushi from Sugarfish Sushi bar – soon good.

We grabbed vegan donuts plus awesome juice from Wholefoods.

Dinner was questionable on the plane.

Our last day, we had some time to kill before going to catch our plane at 7pm. We woke up a little late, got ready, packed up and decided to go get some sushi for brunch. We had been in California for over two weeks and not had any Californian sushi, so today was our day. We read about Sugarfish and decided to give it a go and wow, the quality was out of this world and we would definitely recommend going there.

We went back to the beach as the sun had come out – for most of the trip it had been a bit cloudy so we weren’t going to give up the chance to go and sit in the sun on a sandy beach because it’s going to be a while. Mikee skimmed stones, we people watched and relaxed, feeling disappointed to be leaving – the time had gone in a blur.

We picked up some snacks on the way back, and got some flowers for Jaimie, and ordered our Uber for 3:30pm – the guy couldn’t find us because the app wasn’t working properly and he got a little grumpy with us so the drive to the airport was slightly awkward. Probably the only bad Uber experience of the trip. We went through airport security and timed it pretty well, getting there in good time to not have to wait too long but early enough to be on time.


Red Eye flight from LA to Gatwick Airport flying on Norwegian Airlines.

Trains from Gatwick to East Croydon, New Cross Gate and then Surrey Quays.

The flight was long, the take off out of LAX was beautiful. You flight right over Santa Monica and Venice out to sea and then turn back around. We were flying as the sun set and I watched the mountains cast shadows over each other as we flew home. We didn’t have any seats infront of us which was ideal as being a tall person it’s awesome to stretch out when you’re still for so many hours on small seats. It was cold and grey in London, so as soon as we got home we we went to bed, happy to be back in our own little flat.

74LAIt’s taken me forever to post this, mostly because I don’t want to think of the trip as over I guess, plus being busy on epic proportions. I find California a really stunning and inspiring place and I have just fallen in love with it when I’ve been. The nature, the friendly people, the warm weather, the span of ocean that compared to the English Channel seems so incredibly vast – there is no France on the other side, just 5000 miles of ocean till you hit Japan… I really loved that although a lot of people live there and that you have these massive cities, the nature around still feels quite wild, uncontrollable and rugid. There is no doubt in my mind as to if I’ll ever go back, but for now it is nice being home. Time to start planning again though, the travel bug has bitten hard.

24 // Where Do We Start?

Eek it appears we’ve reached our first trial after having managed to buy and get settled in our new place. How the hell do we decorate it?! We’ve managed to make everything white so far, which I’m down with but I have high hopes for what we can do. I’ve been pinning interior ideas for the past year or so and now I have so much stuff I don’t know where we should start. I really wanted to be an interior designer before I found out about graphic design so it feels like something close to my heart to play around with and get right.

We have a fairly bright and roomy flat for London, and actually have a skinny balcony for our outside space which is fun because Mikee and I love the plants. We have three massive cupboards in our hallway which we’d like to ideally turn into an extra room if we’re allowed because it would be wonderful to have a work/guest/puppy room. I really want white oak floors going seamlessly throughout (totally in love with that kinda flooring) we have great floors in our living room and bedroom but it’s getting a bit tired in the kitchen, hallway, cupboards and bathroom. These seem like the only thing we feel certain about at the moment. So I went through all of my inspiration last week during a quiet moment and made some moodboards for each space…


I’ve been without a desk or my own workspace since I left the house I lived in while at Uni. I’ve been doing freelance work from the sofa, the bed, the coffee table, the dining table in our old flat and the floor. It’s really not ideal. So this is one of the things I’ve been most excited about. But I’ve also been feeling fairly stumped when it comes to this. Ideally if we can get the extra room we’d set something up in there but for now we’ll have to use a section of the living room – and when I thought about all the things I’d really like there (space for paperwork, art materials, cutting/messy space, computer, graphics tablet, film scanner, printer and business bits) I’m scared it’s too much. So this one I want to get right where ever it may end up – something bright, light, inspiring, organised and colourful.Decor-06


Our living room is great, it’s a fairly big rectangular room with big double windows and wood floors. We already got ourselves a light grey sofa when we moved in so we had somewhere to sit and it would compliment whatever came in with it. I love the idea of having a gallery wall with lots of shelving and cosy pillows, lots of books, that camera wall, and trinkets, plants and a sausage dog… Decor-05


Our bedroom is the room I’m happiest with at the moment. The bed is to die for having got the most beautiful reclaimed wood bed frame from Old & New in Camden. It’s got the right kinda feeling already. I love the idea of having a giant map on the wall behind the bed with shelving for bits and pieces that we might need – I have a really old Reader’s Digest Atlas from my grandad and I think it would be really nice to blow one of the maps in there up to cover the wall as the colours are perfect. Decor-04


The kitchen is also throwing me a bit! We have a good amount of space but at the moment it’s not utilised very well. Somehow we only seem to have tiny cupboards and one drawer?! So my main inspiration for this room has come from looking at improving our storage in there. I really love the idea of having open shelving at the top as well as having secret storage in the nooks and crannies you tend to get between appliances and the floor. Also – how cute are the Llama shakers?!Decor-03


Our front door is good but doesn’t feel like the most secure thing so we’re thinking about getting a new front door. I was so inspired by all the things we saw in California and now really want a brightly coloured front door with retro numbers and a postbox. In the hallway it would be great to use the space you never think of using like the image in the corner. Decor-02


This is probably the one I’m most excited about when we can finally get around to it. I love love love the white penny sized tiles with dark grouting. The plants – did you know you can get air plants?! Really functional storage across the empty wall as well as silly things like a dinosaur loo roll holder. Decor-01


We don’t have that much space on the balcony, but we felt it would be great to put some decking down on the floor. Create a herb crate as well as having plants on the railings and possibly having a climbing plant to loop around over the top of it. We already bought a Jasmine plant so I think that may be the one for the job. Also after being in California I’m not obsessed with cacti. Decor-07Does anyone have any tips for this process? We don’t really know what we’re in for at the moment apart from looking at pretty pictures of things people have done before that we’d like to emulate.


PalmSprings&CoachellaThe next leg of our journey was to head from San Francisco (read the previous post here) down to Palm Springs where we had a night booked at the Ace Hotel. We would meet our Canadian Coachella camping buddies (who we found through Reddit, hooray for the powers of the internet) the following day and go and set up our camp at the festival.


We flew with Alaska Airlines from San Francisco Airport to Palm Springs Municipal Airport.

It was a little tricky finding the right place to check in in SFO but a helpful member of staff ensured we found the right place. The gate was pretty easy to find afterward and the flight was about an hour to get to Palm Springs.


I thought it might be helpful to do a brief section on this. I’ve been twice now, the first time was in 2011 with my gig buddy and University comrade Christina Marie Jager and this being the second time. Both were very unique experiences but also great.

In 2011 Christina and I got our tickets in January on a spur of the moment decision. It seemed quite easy then, this was when there was only one weekend. We didn’t manage to get camping tickets on time but found a lovely couple through Facebook to camp with.

This time I bought the tickets in the pre-sale, which took me about two hours of waiting at my computer after work. I went for weekend two having heard that the kinks from weekend one would have been refined. Also knowing it would probably be hotter. We bought car camping tickets at the same time as our weekend passes and found another lovely couple on the Reddit Coachella forum to camp with in exchange for a ride.

The first time I went we didn’t even think about jet-lag and spent most of it feeling pretty tired. This time we prepped by going to San Francisco first and were on the right body clock by the time we got there. I’d give it five days to get used to the time difference.

The tickets I think are around $375 (£245), while car camping is $85 (£55).

Coachella in comparison to Bonnaroo: In my opinion Coachella is nicer, it’s the one to go for… The people are friendly, it’s clean, the grass is easy to walk on without having hay jab your feet, the showers were free and the stages are easier to figure out…

If you’re planning on going be prepared to drink a lot of water, and don’t forget a canopy and sun screen. I can go into more detail if someone wants me to – just let me know.


Taxi – From the airport to the Ace Hotel. It cost approximately $15

Cruisers – From the Ace Hotel to the local Ralphs for free.

The Coachella Mobile – A lovely car hired by our lovely Canadian camper buddies. We exchanged our ride for the pleasure of camping with us. We met our camping buddies through Reddit.



I read Designlovefest and I had seen that the Ace Hotel was one of the places that was highly recommended from the numerous trips to Palm Springs that had been taken. This was the one night we would be spending in Palm Springs before camping for four nights and then going onto another AirBnB, so we figured we’d splurge a bit and make sure we could relax and feel genuinely clean just one last time before being constantly covered in a layer of sweat and dust. It was a beautiful hotel, very hip. The staff were super friendly and we stayed in a room with a patio. The bed was huuuuuuge. The shower had good pressure and the toiletries that were provided were beautiful. I loved the little details in the rooms and communal facilities were awesome. The pool, the bar, the food, the bikes. I’ll go into more detail but I certainly would recommend the hotel if you wanted to stay. We booked through booking.com.


Coachella car camping (pre-sale tickets for 2016 go on sale tomorrow) is not for the weak minded. Though if you ask me, I’d rather be there than stuck in a muddy rainy British festival campsite. It cost $85 for the ticket on top of our Coachella tickets. The whole concept is you get to camp next to your car. The last time I went Christina and I hired a car and camped with some people who had bought the car camping ticket. This time, although neither of us can drive we bought the car camping ticket and met up with some lovely folks who offered us a ride to and from the festival in exchange for camping with us.

The camping space is pretty large, it’s certainly big enough for four if a bit of a squash. I would personally recommend getting two small two man tents, keeping your possessions in the car, nice and safe :). You will also need a canopy to provide shade. Don’t even consider camping without a canopy. It will make you feel so happy when it’s 1pm and you’re melting into less of a sweaty mess in the heat than the poor souls who went without. It’s certainly worth doing once if you’re going to go to Coachella, but I think if we go again, it would be worth staying in a house close by and getting the shuttle buses in. Just so you don’t have to get sunburned waiting to have a wash in a rather dirty shower, or have to go and relieve yourself in a hot porta-potty. Though kudos to the organisers for ensuring the toilets were cleaned very frequently, I think I only had a couple of unpleasant experiences for the four days we were there.22


Breakfast was food at our Airbnb in San Francisco.

Lunch was chocolate cake at the airport plus a funny little snack on the plane.

Dinner were tacos from the Amigo Room at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

We flew with Alaska Airlines from San Francisco to Palm Springs Municipal Airport, after grabbing a snack of chocolate cake quickly before boarding. We sat next to a lovely gentleman, I think his name was Victor, and he spoke to us for most of the journey there. He was very interested in cars, told us about his grandsons, and told us that he’d been in a car accident which could have killed him a few months earlier – which was sad to hear. He was on his way to Palm Springs to spend time at his house and relax in order to recover some more from his injuries. Turns out he was half Filipino so Mikee chatted to him quite a bit about the delicious food that comes from there.

Once we landed, surprisingly smoothing (last time I thought I was going to die) we exited the plane into the wonderful warm heat of Palm Springs. We walked through Palm Springs airport which is beautiful. My favourite thing about it is that it’s mostly outside with white canopies for shade and grass to sit on.

We collected our luggage and then caught a taxi to the Ace Hotel. I was wearing leggings and couldn’t wait to take them off. Hello warm weather!! The journey probably took about ten mins from the airport to the hotel.

2 3 4We made our way to the lobby and checked in with the very friendly girl who was behind reception. After making our way to our room, we looked around in awe and got changed into warm weather appropriate clothes (hello shorts) and then decided to hire some bikes and go and get some snacks for the evening as well as some cash for Coachella and find batteries for cameras and camping things. The bikes are free to hire from the hotel and we only needed to cycle up one or two blocks to get to the place where our dreams would be answered… The roads were super big, flat and straight, they were a bit scarier than the roads in San Francisco but still not as terrifying as London. Plus I really want a cruiser now, they’re so much fun to ride.

5When we got back to the Ace Hotel, we dropped off the bikes and noticed a van outside with musical equipment being moved to and fro. Being musically motivated people I was curious but couldn’t quite tell what was going on. When we walked past to go back in we realised it was Best Coast who were checking in. I’ve designed a t-shirt for them for Yellow Bird Project and I love their music but I couldn’t muster up the confidence to go and chat to them despite Mikee’s best efforts to get me to. Still too shy for that kind of situation, plus I didn’t think they’d appreciate me going ‘OH HAAAI, I know you but not ‘cause you’re famous lolz’ *awkward smile*. Any who we went back in and decided to go and chill by the pool for the evening as the hotel had an acoustic night going on. We ordered some tacos and some drinks which were very tasty indeed. All the food looked delicious, but eventually we went back to our room to finish our wine in our patio and nom on some of the food we’d brought back with us from Ralphs.

It was late but we got pretty tempted by the pool and decided to go have a little swim under the stars. There was a hot pool and a regular temperature pool and we alternated between both until about 2am which was fun :). We didn’t have to get up especially early as our Coachella buddies weren’t going to arrive until later on the following day.


Breakfast and lunch we got from the Ace Hotel, trying out the Amigo Room again and then the Kings Highway Diner.

Dinner was a rather late night burger very kindly cooked for us by our camping buddies family friend.

This day turned out longer than anyone anticipated. We woke up and I’d been feeling a little bit of a cold coming on for the last few days so I wanted to blast it with whatever I could. We decided to go and use the steam room and sauna quickly before having some breakfast and checking out of our room. The steam room was soooooo steamy! I couldn’t see a foot infront of my own face and I luckily didn’t sit on anyones lap when we managed to find the seat in there. Both of them were pretty good but you can not beat a proper Finnish Sauna. Once we’d showered and dressed we grabbed some food. Thinking off my cold I decided to get a smoothie, and avocado toast which was very delicious, I want to eat it all the time now. Mikee got the scrambled egg sandwich which he also highly approved off.

8 9We checked out of our room at midday and left our luggage at the front desk expecting to wait about four hours before we met our camping buddies. We sat by the pool and swam a few times, running out of sunscreen pretty quickly and having to fork out some dollah on their lovely but expensive sun bum products. I was wearing 50spf and I didn’t get burned thank goodness. We had some lunch in the Kings Highway Diner, I had a delicious grilled cheese with tomato soup and fries which was well worth it, alongside a pot of tea and almond milk. Mikee had a moroccan scramble which he wasn’t too impressed with… You’re safe if you get the grilled cheese.

While we had been waiting we’d heard from our camping buddies that their flight from Canada had had some problems. Christina had warned me before how much the Air Canada sucks so it wasn’t that surprising to hear that they were delayed and we’d have to wait longer, which for us wasn’t a problem at all because we were basically sitting by the pool all day. It was about 8:30 in the evening by the time we managed to finally meet them, after their delayed flights and getting stuck in Los Angeles rush hour traffic. We were really grateful to see them and soon realised we would be pitching our tents in the dark. Good job I’d had some experience in that at Bestival last year and we’d come prepared.

10 12 13We stopped off at the local Ralphs again to pick up some extra supplies – bagels, fruit, fillings etc and then made our way to pick up the final pieces of the camping puzzle from their lovely family friend. When we arrived he very kindly made us some burgers as we hadn’t eaten since lunch, and we made the best use of the last real clean toilet we’d see in a good few days. We were only around the corner from the Coachella festival grounds and could see the lights dancing in the sky. We were getting super excited on the way. Once we managed to join the queue to get in it was midnight; we ended up waiting around an hour to get through security checks and to our camp space. As soon as we reached the camping spot it was all hands on deck, getting the canopy up, the tents up, the mattresses pumped and the area somewhat organised before finding somewhere to wash faces, brush teeth and finally crash for the night in our temporary home.


I could write a lot about Coachella, it’s been my favourite festival experience out of all of the ones I’ve been to and I fell in love the first time I went. It was still just as good this time, so I think I’m just going to run through the pros and cons and the memorable bits.


Camp ground bagels, spicy spicy pie, crab fries!!! Ice cream and water water water… Mikee also enjoyed the paella.


  • Waking up at 8am because the tent became a furnace.
  • Shower queues and gross cubicles
  • Portaloos
  • Some expensive food that wasn’t very good
  • Melting in the  midday heat


  • The sunsets over the mountains are some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world
  • The weather (despite melting)
  • Kasabian
  • Jungle
  • ACDC
  • Glass Animals
  • Brand New
  • Jenny Lewis
  • Conor Oberst
  • St Vincent
  • Jack White compelling us to remember the reason we were all there: the music is sacred and it needs to be looked after – I loved this
  • Agua Frescas
  • Home made ice lollies
  • The Ferris Wheel
  • The butterfly and caterpillar
  • David Gelatto (Guetta) lights
  • The giant monkey swing
  • The Corporate HQ
  • Camping Neighbours
  • Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Afternoon naps
  • Hair drying in the heat within 30mins
  • Coachella balloons
  • Strange real toilets in the middle of the festival
  • Shade
  • Water
  • Shower queue friends
  • Spicy pie (my love)
  • Crab fries (oh my god they were delicious)
  • Getting to know our Canadian Camping Buddies
  • I love Coachella. I will deffo try to go again one day but I might not camp next time hah. You have to do it once though.


Breakfast was bacon and eggs very kindly made by our Canadians family friend

Lunch was a date shake from the world famous Shields Date Garden

The night before we left me and Mikee decided to skip Drake (he’s just not our thing) to organise our suitcases etc ready for LA and see if there was anything we could do to break down the camp a little before the morning.

We had one last night asleep in our little orange tent and in the morning we donated it and our air mattress to the donations centre to lighten our luggage. We packed up the car and went on our way.

We dropped off the borrowed tarps, chairs and canopy back at our camping buddies family friend. He was so lovely and made us some breakfast as well as showing us the baby hummingbirds in the nest in his garden. Once we felt a little more human we decided to set off on our way to LA. Stopping at the world famous Shields Date Garden to try out the date milkshakes and look at the strange merchandise they had in their shop. The milkshake was surprisingly delicious and filling and kept me amused for part of the drive to LA.

35We got caught in some Coachella traffic out of Palm Springs and drove past the wind farm Christina and I accidentally came across last time. It went on for miles and miles and it was amazing to see the turbines again. It is really one of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. The rest of the drive was actually really nice, especially when we got to drive through the hilly regions. It was clear once we hit LA; there were so many cars, so many roads and it went on forever. One thing that grew quite clear when we got there was getting around without a car would be a hurdle…

36Exploring Los Angeles I’ll cover in the next post!

22 // Good Enough To Eat

GoodEnoughToEat-01Two posts in one week, I am on a roll aren’t I. I’ve also added some new and old projects in design and in photography. Go me, keeping up website appearances.

Remember when I posted a while back about being on a mission to get a happy healthy body because mine isn’t? Well I’ve been good and started making that a priority recently. With it being Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day I thought today might be a good day to talk about my attempts at making healthier choices when it comes to what I shove in my face. My approach to this has come from a few different places, with what I want to make better and I believe a lot of these things can be changed from within.

GoodEnoughToEat-02Motivating problem number one: My skin. It has alwaaaays been an issue since I was a teenager. As soon as I was in secondary school I had pretty bad acne, not the worst but definitely enough to make me want to pull my hair out and photoshop all my photos, it’s how I learned a vital skill that I use today in my career so there’s a positive. I visited a GP after a couple of years, probably when I was about 13 or 14 and he basically told me to wash my face more, I will never forget that. I didn’t go back to another GP about it till I was in my early twenties and they were shocked to hear I was given that advice and that I’d dealt with it for so long. Having bad skin is something that makes me feel down and knocks my confidence when it is going through a rough patch… It’s certainly better as I’ve gotten older but it’s not gone. I was put on antibiotics and my skin cleared up a bit but not extremely well, and it’s only really treating the problem and not the real cause, which is different for everyone who has it. I’m over the halfway point of my twenties and I’ve been dealing with this for over half of my life now. I feel it’s a bit ridiculous, I’m fed up and diet I feel is half of the battle.

Motivating problem number two: I keep getting ill. My immune system needs rebooting and building up.

Motivating problem number three: I did a body mass index scanner at work back in December when we had a gym visiting for a week to try and get people to sign up. The results weren’t especially good, thank you desk job and pizza. I’m a fairly average body type, but I have more fat than muscle, which on this scanner translated to being ‘metabolically obese’ around the tummy area and upper body. I think the media term is skinny fat, and I recently learned it can put you at risk of getting diabetes. Fun! Definitely time to sort this out.

So I did my research, mainly looking into skin. Turns out what you put in your body has been found to make a big impact on what shows up on your face. But chocolate (dark chocolate) is safe. The main culprits are dairy, which I eat a lot of but I’m fairly certain I’m allergic to it anyway… Sugar, which I’m addicted to… and foods that have a high glycemic load that spike your blood sugars. There are also some trigger ingredients which don’t help matters. There seems to have been a fair amount of scientific research done into this so it seemed like it might be worth experimenting cutting out dairy and refined sugar from my diet, and putting low GI foods on my plate. This kinda leaves me with good grains, fruits, vegetables, tofu, meat and fish – also trying to avoid the strange additives that get put in food, where I’m asking what the hell it is. I want to make sure the food I put in my body is actually good enough to eat. So I started this experiment with myself just over a week ago and I feel it will impact on the other two problem areas as well – with some other work of course.

The hardest thing has been sugar, and cheese. I’ve tried culling sugar from my diet before because I know it’s a problem, but always failed. Day two or three I feel tired and I just want a cup of tea with one sugar and some milk and I give in. This time pretty much every day since I started I’ve thought about cake. I don’t even eat cake that often and I kept thinking about that and chocolate. Today was the first day I’ve not thought about it. With cheese I’ve been wanting to add it to the food I’ve been making, because who doesn’t love cheese? I’ve stuck to my guns though and made it through to day 9 now. Apparently it takes 10 days for sugar to leave your system to get off the habit, so nearly there. But for results to show on your face it apparently takes a few weeks – so here’s my attempt to hold out. I can say, I already feel a bit lighter in everything for it.

One of the reasons I’m bringing this up is because I’ve had to do a boat load of research and spend a lot of time getting here, and honestly I feel it should be easier for people to learn this information. It seems a lot of things come about from your diet, and the values in food seem to be put on producing it cheaply and of course making food that you can sell more of (hello sugar in everything). I totally understand this but surely the bigger importance for big companies that control all food output should be making sure that their produce is healthy and nutritious. Governments should fund more nutritional research and make its advice more available, simplified and easy to understand without it being corrupted. Which is why I agree that the food revolution thing is important, if you’re going to start somewhere, start with the people who will change the future right, those little people in schools right (sign the petition here by the way). I’ve spent months looking at this stuff, I’m certainly no expert and trying to find my way through the hoards of crap out there. It should just be easier to learn about this.

I’ve compiled a few of my favourite recipes from the last week and a bit that don’t use dairy or sugar if you’re interested in seeing what happens too.

EGG & AVOCADO TOAST If you mush up the avocado with lemon, salt and pepper it’s awesome. I especially like poached or scrambled egg on top, with sriracha drizzled over (though that has sugar in so avoiding at the moment).


SPICED GRILLED FISH WITH AVOCADO SALSA (Loving the avocado) We had this with cod instead of salmon which was delicious, on top of basmati rice. Basmati is on the lower end of the middle GI spectrum.


MUSHROOM COCONUT SOUP We made ours with baby chestnut mushrooms, onions, garlic, vegetable stock and coconut milk, and a little bit of cornflour to thicken. Dark brown bread and tastiness in a bowl is yours to conquer.

mushroomsoup-8-of-10n-600x400MUSHROOMS WITH PEARL BARLEY (Also loving the mushrooms) The pearl barley gives a lot of bite while the mushrooms add a lot of yum.


I’ll see where I get with this experiment and update with how it goes. I may also go into the issue of skin problems a bit more so anyone who is interested might be able to see where I’ve found some of the interesting things, as food was only one aspect of a solution to observe. Happy food revolution day everyone!