12 // Cherry Frozen Yoghurt

CherryFroyo1Has everyone been enjoying the lovely hot weather we’ve been having? I most certainly have at the weekends when I’m allowed out to have adventures in it. During the week I tend to be layered up and dressed for the winter as I seem to be spending my time in a place which has decided to turn into the arctic circle of London.

On  a little browse through Pinterest I discovered a recipe for how to make your own frozen yoghurt and I decided to have a try with some beautiful cherries I bought at a little health food shop near where I work in Marylebone. The results were very delicious. I used the whole bag but I think I could have used more if I wanted more fruity flavours, but I liked that it was still quite strong in yoghurt flavour. The recipe is below if you would like to have a try… If you’re not into cherries, just replace them with something else.



A kilo of cherries (pitted)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice (fresh)
750 grams plain yogurt


If you buy fresh cherries, remove the stems and pit them. Blend them together with the yoghurt, honey and an lemon juice. Pop in a freezer safe container and place in the freezer. If you want instant frozen yoghurt, just blend half of the yoghurt with frozen fruit and magic – delicious healthy fro-yo.


CherryFroyo5What flavour should I attempt next?


11 // Jack Garratt


This my dears, is a wonderful musician called Jack Garratt. Mikee and I came across him when we went to see We the Wild open for Dan Croll at Scala. He was on as we got in and he basically stole the room and outshone the main act with his one man show. Proof that you can do more than one thing and you can do it damn well.

Just listen to that magic. Anywho, he just released his first EP called Remnants, and we went along to his show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington (where the photos are from) which was rather good even though he had a little technical hiccup somewhere in the middle – he redeemed himself very well. I can see some fairly awesome things happening for him… He’s been opening for the Temper Trap this week and I’m pretty sure we could see him playing with James Blake in a short while… Have a listen to the tracks and hopefully you like!

JackGarratt5JackGarratt3 JackGarratt2

JackGarratt4 JackGarratt1 JackGarratt7

10 // The Eye Of The Storm

Chris Buggins EastbourneMy big brother is an awesome photographer. He is who inspired me to take photography at college and started my crazy interest in it. His name is Chris, and he’s always been interested in shooting Seascapes. He wakes up at 4am to stumble down the beach in any kind of weather and sits there in the quiet with his camera shooting away until he has a perfect shot or until he has to leave. I’ve been with him a couple of times and it was always fun. Watching the sun rise, while no one else is awake on the beach looking out at the sea. I have yet to take any images of water as good as he has though.

While we’ve had this nutty weather over the past few days, thunder storms galore all over the UK which resulted in a very tired me and Mikee at work on Friday. My brother used this as an opportunity to head down to the beach like he would to go shoot the sunrise… And take some photos of the storm over the sea like it was nothing out of the ordinary. He has caught some incredible shots and posted a few on his Facebook page.

This was what he wrote to accompany it:

After a little perseverance and a missed opportunity earlier in the day I finally managed to capture some of this awesome weather we have been experiencing. Following on from the earlier storm, I was rather rudely awoken around 2am from yet anther dream about lego! The lightning was filling up the bedroom, and in a half asleep mad dash I headed for the beach in what can only be described as a serious fashion offence. Little swimming shorts a bright shirt and a polkadot umbrella and mismatching trainers. But I didn’t care, I was on a mission.

When I arrived at the beach I was presented with a light show of epic proportions. The Channel was lighting up like an over decorated christmas tree. I setup my camera and used the following settings (for any camera nerds) ISO was set to 1000 as it was the dead of night, aperture was set to F11 and after a few test shots opted an exposure time of around 1 minutes 20 seconds. And there I stayed, just snapping away, watching the show.

Despite having 3 near misses with lightning in the past, sitting on an exposed beach with a metal tripod whilst several billion volts danced above my head, I felt rather at peace. That is until a random dog jumped over a breakwater and landed a few feet away from me giving me cause to let out a few surprised expletives. I spent around 30 minutes at the beach before a sideways hail storm suddenly hit the coast and I was forced to evacuate back to the safety of my bed. Anyways, the final 4 pictures I have attached. The composition was pure guess work and some cropping was needed in post.

Chris Buggins Eastbourne Chris Buggins Eastbourne Chris Buggins EastbourneHe’s offered to send out the high res file to anyone who would like a print of any of the images, so if you love them and fancy one on your wall send a message to his Facebook page, where you can also check out some of his other work.

All images above are copyright of Chris Buggins



This week I’ve decided to focus on Finnish design company Marimekko. I love the bold patterns, colours and illustrative styles and think their art direction is pretty darn great. It has to be said. I’m not the worlds most fascinating person when it comes to fashion as I don’t really have an active interest in it and I’d rather buy gig tickets than new clothes, but I do like to keep my eye on the designs that come from here even if I can’t afford the majority of the clothes.

As a child my mum always used to tell me the Finns were ahead of the game in the fashion industry. Now that was a big patriotic lie from my mum as when you go there in the summer you will observe everyone wearing socks with sandals. She even got me to work on a project looking at traditional Finnish dress for my textiles design and technology  class in secondary school, which looking back is a pretty cool thing she did but as a teenager my thoughts were ‘what on earth am I looking at?!’. Anyway, with Finland being recognised as a pretty cool design capital in general (although a lot of the designers I like tend to end up basing themselves elsewhere), it’s unsurprising that there are some pretty awesome textiles designers. So even if Finland aren’t at the forefront of fashion design like my mum tried to convince me they were; there are still some clear winners for design.

Marimekko for me is deffo one of those winners. To me it shows nordic simplicity and elegance but with it’s quirky colourful and fun edge. The applications are versatile and they can suit everyone which I think is what makes them successful. Their Unikko poppy print (above) had it’s 50 year birthday this year and it’s such an iconic print that’s been used on anything from dresses to phone cases to aeroplanes and tea pots. Backing up that idea of versatility. As a designer now I’d love to have the opportunity to work with them on anything!

I was very lucky at christmas last year when I was given a Drip Raincoat as a gift from my mum (last picture below). It was apparently very me and it’s been brilliant. Through rain and snow, it’s kept me dry and tends to keep  me pretty warm when it’s cold out as that baby isn’t going to let cold or water in or any heat out! Practicality looking its best!

2013-08-171 kukkulurru tumblr_mgox5tQzNQ1r6sc95o1_1280 stripe couch-table towels1  hunajaista-sanna-annukka-marimekko-sisustus-keittio-astiat-tekstiilit-syksy-2014 1978571_10152254357152482_2085916003_o

I hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend!

8 // Oh Ice Cream and Pizza Land

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comAt the start of last month my lovely friend Christina came to visit us from Canada, and as we haven’t been on an adventure in a while we decided to go on a short weekend trip to Italy. A fairly spur of the moment idea, it seems it’s cheaper to go and stay somewhere in Europe than it actually is to travel and stay somewhere in the UK. We spent three days there, it was my first time in Italy and it was beautiful. We had a much needed trip, which involved lots of ice cream and lots of pizza. I was my kind of heaven.We flew into Milan Bergamo over the alps which I had never seen before (awesome!) and took a bus into Milan Central, then got a train down to Como and found our apartment which Christina found on Air b’n’b. As a first experience of it, I think it’s an awesome idea and will certainly be checking out some places for future trips. Over the course of the next three days, we ate incredible food, both outside (pizza pizza pizza) and home made caprese with bread and balsamic. Nom. We went on a boat trip to Bellagio which was lovely, the tiny little lanes and incredible views of all sides of the lake were amazing, plus the weather was brilliant the day we went. We went on a ferris wheel at midnight when we were back in Como. We walked loaaaads, and on the last day before we flew back we spent the day in Milan. We took the metro, ate some more pizza and spent most of the afternoon in a park hanging out with a bunch of doggies… One was called Bertie, and he was a lovely spaniel, however because Bertie kept coming to sit next to us his owner kept giving us the stink eye (as Christina would say). Oh… And we ate gelato. A lot of gelato… I was at the point of three times a day gelato – sampling a total of at least 15 flavours. The Finnish half of me was very proud of myself, as Finns are the largest consumers of ice cream in Europe.

Below are some images from our trip… I would highly recommend going and I’d like to return someday even just to try more ice cream… Even if you don’t bump into George Clooney you’ll have an amazing time with the right people.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comHaving arrived in Bellagio


Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comThe view from the boat on the way.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comWaiting for our ferry to come and collect us.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comI saw this bottle in a little cafe we stopped in – I really want to try painting some now.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comI loved all of the fonts that were being used everywhere! They were so different from one another but they worked brilliantly. Italy – I respect your typography usage…

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comPistachio and blueberry gelato…

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comI loved this hotel. The colours were perfect and it reminded me of a mini grand Budapest Hotel.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comLake como on emiliabuggins.comThe view from Como at night time was incredible, even though the light pollution was minimal it was amazing to be able to see the mountains against the skyline at night.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comMilan! Would you look at the queue. I’d love to go back and go inside (maybe on a weekday though).

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comI really wanted to buy some marzipan fruit! They looked amazing!

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comAlmond gelato. I really would like to do an illustration of all of the flavours I tried :).

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comAn art gallery, we were pretty poor and wanted to save our money for more gelato so we didn’t go in. The illustrations on the outside were awesome though.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comThis was Bertie my lil buddy…

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comChristina particularly wanted to visit Frozen – so we took the metro somewhere, and walked forever and finally found it… It was worth the trip. I had raspberry, orange and mango flavours… And of all of the flavours I tried I have to say orange was my favourite by far, but I’ve always loved the flavour of orange.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.com Lake como on emiliabuggins.comPiiizzzzaaaa! In the last place we stopped before we went back to get the bus back to Bergamo. This was incredible however I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish it but I ended up giving what I couldn’t finish to a homeless lady and her dog on the way back so I’m happy it went somewhere it was needed as opposed to my belly where it certainly wasn’t needed.

Lake como on emiliabuggins.comWhen we flew back we flew right next to a lightning storm. Watching the lightning race through the clouds has to have been by far one of the coolest things I have ever had the chance to witness. Both Christina and I were right at the window trying to take photos – this was probably the best one that came out, not that amazing… But I’m just glad I have the memory because I have a feeling I’ll never experience anything like that again and it was amazing.

So if I return, where shall I go next to get the best gelato? Any recommendations?


7 // Music – Sivu

Sivu for Wonderland MagazineBeing half Finnish every now and again I tend to try and find music which is in some way shape of form related to Finland and which actually sounds good. My reasons for this are that all I’ve really been subjected to while I’m there is my grandad’s radio and my mum’s ridiculous choice in music in the car. Something about ‘Put the banana in your cheek’?!  Oh and the Moomins… Which are awesome and I fully advocate watching any episode of it however it’s not particularly rocking if you’re a bit older than nine.

On one of my most recent Finnish music hunts I came across a brilliant musician called James Page who presents himself under the name Sivu (Finnish for page), and he has some incredibly well written songs, been remixed by Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club and has also collaborated with Marika Hackman (who is also of Finnish descent) on some beautiful tunes.

After shooting for the latest Albion Way gig, I discovered Sivu had also performed for one of The Albion Way concerts and was quite bummed out that I’d missed it, however I felt lucky I had been able to go the latest show in London at the Roundhouse Studios while my old gig buddy was visiting and we weren’t disappointed. His band is very talented and holy-wow to the multi-tasking they were doing on stage.

Below you can see the awesome artwork for Can’t Stop Now created by Samuel Burgess-Johnson and you’ll be able to see a couple of music videos (including the latest for Miracle (Human Error)) and find a link to the Sivu Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!

Sivu Cant Stop Now, artwork by Samuel Burgess-Johnson

Can anyone tell me the names of some great Finnish musicians? I’m always on the hunt.

6 // Favourite Pins This Week

Recently Mikee and I have started looking at places we can make our own. While we’ve been looking I’ve also been hunting for decoration inspiration. We have a long, long way to go before anything like this could happen. And while we’ve only just started the adventure, it has been fun to look and it’s helping us to get a jist of things we might like for decoration.

All of these rooms are beautiful, a lot of these windows are massive and the room sizes are enviable… Loving the white & bright rooms with pops of colour and a lot of wood, and plants and artwork. It’s making me quite excited about the possibilities we might have ahead of us.

Anyway, Pinterest has been such a helpful tool for inspiration, and if you fancy checking out the rest of the pins I’ve found you can do so by clicking here! Does anyone have any house hunting tips or decoration tips? It’d be interesting to hear some perspectives as no one seems to know what they’re doing…

ApartmentDecoration1 ApartmentDecoration3 ApartmentDecoration2 ApartmentDecoration4   ApartmentDecoration7 ApartmentDecoration8ApartmentDecoration10

5 // Music – We The Wild


A few months ago I came across this band called We The Wild, made up of two guys based in London called Ant West & Casey Roarty. They’re probably my favourite most recent find (along with a couple of others who I will share with you soon). I first heard the song Float and the after really liking that I stumbled upon their Soundcloud and listened to the Volume 1 EP, which has awesome artwork (which they also created – talented guys!) by the way which you can see below the videos in the soundcloud playlist if you like what you hear.

Anywho! They’ve been releasing tracks from their Volume 2 record – ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Trampoline’… Which me and Mikee have been quite excited about. The latest one was released yesterday so my ears have been enjoying their sounds for the last day which you can hear here too. So go enjoy this awesome band and if you like them (which I hope you do as I think they’re ridiculously good) check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

What do you think of the tracks? Has anyone got any good music recommendations for me?

4 // Through a 50mm

Er mer gerd! I recently acquired a 50mm 1.4 lens for my new camera. I am in love. I only really got to play around with it at the weekend with my silly friends but I got some awesome images and it’s made me want to shoot so much more. This doesn’t mean I will be neglecting my film cameras but it’s refreshing to have something to trigger that excitement again.


We also went on a little trip to the RCA to check out the MA shows. There was some really brilliant work but only a few bits shone out from the quick meander we had around. I took some snaps of those. I didn’t get the creatives names again (I’m so bad) so if anyone knows the names let me know. I want the below piece in my future house. I’m a bit of a moth though so when it comes to light related things I will most likely like them!


I think this musical typewriter was my favourite bit. When you typed a note it struck a bell the that lasted the same amount of time it took to word the letter in different pitches. We typed out our names, it was awesome to hear the way it sounded… I gotta say, Antonia’s name sounded the nicest, so if you do go to the RCA show (it’s on till Sunday the 29th) have a little tinkle and see if you come up with some nice sounding words.

IMG_4463 IMG_4464

Dogs! It is true, I’m obsessed. I loved him so he made it in.


This was pretty awesome, you had to smile to get the picture to work on the TV… If you pulled any other face the screen went wavy and disrupted. I liked that it encouraged you to smile more which needs to happen more in the world… Especially in London.


On from smiling at screens to smiling in parks, riding bikes and climbing trees… These are the other images from the day. BTW – cycling on a Boris bike and trying to photograph your friends while they ride their bikes without holding onto the handle bars is harder than it looks and could have resulted in us crashing but it didn’t so yippy!

IMG_4503 IMG_4511 IMG_4529 IMG_4550 IMG_4559 IMG_4563 IMG_4566 IMG_4572 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4591 IMG_4592 IMG_4637 IMG_4657 IMG_4663 IMG_4672 IMG_4695

So yeah, I’m totally in love with my camera and my new lens. I’m hoping to get more design work uploaded tonight as well, hooray for feeling productive…