courtesan au chocolate recipe

The other week I found this Courtesan au Chocolat recipe from Mendl’s in The Grand Budapest Hotel. I really need to make these properly, but I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys incase you fancied making them yourselves. Also, if you haven’t watched the film – I’d highly recommend it, me and Mikee went to see it shortly after going on a Wes Anderson film binge and it’s probably my favourite of his films along with The Darjeeling Limited.

I have tried to make these myself not very well, but there’s always improvements the more you make things isn’t there? I would recommend swapping out the icing in the recipe video for coloured melted white chocolate. Here’s what my terrible first attempts looked like haha.

Profiteroles1 Profiteroles3

1 // Helen Dealtry

I came across these awesome illustrations by Helen Dealtry. I think they’re beautiful. The colours are prefect and they make me want to get my paints out and have a play. I especially love the cactus one.

Piece4 466170834_1280 Screen-Shot-2014-01-05-at-9.28.58-PM