Alice Armstrong

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Alice Armstrong is an independent consultant working in the field of adolescent health and HIV. She works with a broad range of people from service providers and ministry of health, to activist and young people, to researches and academic institutions. The drive of her work is trying to ensure access to good quality health services for adolescents at risk of HIV and living with HIV. She could be doing anything from policy work with the World Health organisation, global research prioritisation exercises with the International AIDS Society, developing tools for a community based organisation in Zimbabwe; and working wth a group of young activists in South Africa to start up a national network of young people living with HIV.

The brief was quite unique in that it needed to represent her and what she does while also looking professional and contemporary. It also needed to present her in a professional light across the board to people who work in international organisations to small groups working in smaller communities. She felt very inspired by African prints and so we looked at the strong shapes and bold colours from there as inspiration. The identity we ended up with aims to show her as someone who is there to provide support. The logo looks at how the A’s from her name in the logo can come together to create a striking pattern made up from the strongest shape: the triangle. What ever pattern the triangle is arranged in will show strength and focus.