Fearless Types by Badass.Gal

We have entered the new era.

Now more than ever fearless, empowered women are pushing the boundaries of the creative industry and achieving the once impossible; rewriting the gender stereotypes.

The Fearless Types collection – designed by Aleksandra StanglewiczJennifer HayashiOlivia BoutrouMeagan Bach and myself as part of the Badass.Gal community – celebrates the new era for women and calls out to the next generation to be bolder, more fearless and ready to leave an even bigger mark. Together, we can rewrite the stereotypes forever.

All profits raised from any purchase will go towards Badass Gal and the Young Creative Council to help host future events, workshops, talks and more to champion equality in the creative industries.

Working with Olly Cooper on this idea for the Young Creative Council for their badass.gal initiative. We’ve gone from having a simple idea, to creating all the lines, to bringing together a strong collective of creatives who produced an amazing array of designs, putting together and holding a photoshoot at Mum & Dad Studios as well as designing and building an online shop and creating the Fearless Types collection branding. We’ve even attempted our hand at building a social media strategy and sorting out PR to get the word out. All proactive. All to do good.