Dove #findmebeautiful


Young girls on Instagram often seek self-validation by tagging selfies with dozens of hashtags such as #amipretty, #findmebeautiful and #amiugly.
But parents, teachers and youth leaders never see this.
By isolating this disturbingly commonplace use of hashtags, it highlights the shocking truth of girls’ behaviour online.
Through its comment on such an issue, Dove directed people to the Dove Self Esteem Project where they could find out how to help, and educate, the girls they know and care for.

I worked as part of the One Unilever team at Ogilvy and I worked on the design & typography of the layout and prepped the ad to go to print.
This won a  D&AD Wood Pencil at the 2016 awards. Executive Creative Director: Andre Laurentino. Art Director: Chris Chance. Copywriter: Lewis Bish