3_lagan_mockup_singlecandle1_lagan_logo 2_laganlogoexplorations-01  4_lagan_mockup

I was commissioned the design the identity and packaging for Irish brand Lågan Homeware. The main product was to be scented candles and the name was inspired by river Lagan in Ireland and the Swedish word for flame ‘lågan’ which informed the design of the logo – turning the umlaut above the A into a flame shape. Above you can see the presented logos as well as the final logo which was chosen for it’s qualities harking back to light.

The candles scents were based on individual smells: Cotton, Lemon Verbena, Cinnamon & Berry. So we chose an illustrative route where those elements were drawn in black – we then combined these illustrations with the logo and type to create what you see above. The logo and copy are the light elements of design and black illustrations on black would have Spot UV to lift them off the packaging and add an extra level of premium quality for the brand. We used the flame umlaut to create a pattern which would be printed on the inside of the box and on wrapping paper.