Rawkin Vegan

Rawkin Vegan is a new brand that will be creating vegan products to take the world over with, starting with a vegan burger joint in London.
I was briefed with the task of developing the identity for the main brand, keeping in mind that they may expand into creating other products under the
same name. I worked with the client to develop the insights, proposition and then explore how this could be translated in visual language.
This will then be adapted to and then trickled across signage, menus, packaging etc.


With the name ‘Rawkin’ the brand proposition should feel a bit rebellious –  currently the norm for a burger is meaty but Rawkin Vegan are going against the grain as they offer
something completely different within that market. You are the counter culture in this respect which brings you back to rock & roll and rebels.
The people who are crazy enough to think they might change the world just a little bit and who more often than not – do.

The funny thing about Rock & Roll was that when it formed it brought people from different backgrounds together. But a lot of people didn’t like it
because it was changing how society behaved. There can be quite a lot of connections drawn to veganism in that respect – the food can be eaten by anyone
but people aren’t sure of it because it’s not what they’re used to. So it could be quite a nice element to highlight this unifying element.

The driving factor for choosing a vegan burger over another kind of burger will be the amazing taste. So this is something we want to communicate. The Rawkin Vegan tone of voice
should be playful, cheeky, rebellious but also not take itself too seriously as –burgers should be seen as a treat. You can’t ignore the allure of naughty indulgence that burgers bring to mind.


Rawkin Vegan are there to stand out within that market. They’re there to be different. They’re inviting people to try them, to join them on the rebellious side,
even if it’s only for a bit. They’re promising something unexpected but fun. ‘A bite’ brings eating to mind while also being a bit snappier than ‘taste’ or ‘try’,
whereas ‘the wild side’ brings to mind nature, the feeling of being a bit naughty and reminds you of the connections to music and rock culture.

After initial explorations and developing the insight it felt important that the brand should be represented by this rebellious character, but I felt
it was quite important for it to not feel too masculine or too feminine, so the simple solution was to use two characters. The style of illustration
is inspired by the pop-art (another outlier of it’s time that challenged the status quo of art). The characters themselves are inspired by the likes of
James Dean and Debbie Harry: youthful, rebellious, iconic, rock & roll. The characters could turn into comic strips that get featured in the menu’s,
the wall art, the food wrapping – there’s opportunity to build lives around them.