Say It With A Cineworld Giftcard

Giving someone a giftcard can feel pretty impersonal. It suggests you haven’t put much effort into finding the perfect present for your loved one.

So when Cineworld asked me to give their giftcard designs a refresh, I brought copywriter Olly Cooper on board and we worked our movie magic by tackling this issue head on by transforming their giftcards into personal compliment cards. This idea also meant Cineworld could live up to their brand message and both giver and receiver could literally feel more with Cineworld.

We created giftcards for the whole year round, plus Christmas specific cards, wallets for generic and seasonal applications, and carriers.
The project also expanded past the giftcards into promotional posters, giftboxes and the in-store stands.

We even went and won a Gold Hermes Award for the work and the gifts have been featured on ITV and in Timeout Magazine.