Unilever Farewell to the Forest

Working at Ogilvy as part of the brightFuture Studios.

Our task was to optimise the Farewell to the Forest campaign for social media and add and extend value to the campaign by generating localised content for the global market. Working with the internal team and closely with the client I designed and created takeover assets for Unilever’s website, the Unileber brightFuture hub, all social channels and also created localised posts for five global markets: UK, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and the US, across a number of months while the campaign was ongoing.

brightfuture_facebook_localisedtree_brazil3 carousel_twitter_1024x512_in  brightfuture_facebook_localisedtree_sa carousel_twitter_1024x512_brbrightfuture_facebook_localisedtree_london