Unilever Presents: A Royal Celebration

As Royal Warrant holders and a staple part of street parties for over 90 years, Unilever wanted to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday in true British style. So we brought together Unilever’s famous British brands, a group of ladies who know a thing or two about a royal occasion and we had ourselves a good old-fashioned British tea party. #90BrightYears



I was brought in as interim art director within the brightFuture studios content team for Unilever. Working closely as a tight knit group with creative copywriter Olly Cooper, editorial director Kathi Hall and project & account manager Audrey Pirot, we created a social campaign for Unilever to promote their involvement at The Patron’s Lunch to the UK market. Unilever wanted to highlight that they were official partners at the Queens birthday celebrations and what better idea than to show how Unilever has always been around for all the big Royal celebrations with household names frequently being used at street parties. We found five lovely ladies almost as old as the Queen and brought them together for a right Royal celebration to hear about their experiences over the years. Olly and I developed and pushed the concept from the initial spark all the way through filming & editing the main film, generating loads of cohesive supporting content for multiple platforms and finally a Twitter moment on the day with Unilever’s own hashtag of #90BrightYears that generated as much attention as the official tag.