10 // The Eye Of The Storm

Chris Buggins EastbourneMy big brother is an awesome photographer. He is who inspired me to take photography at college and started my crazy interest in it. His name is Chris, and he’s always been interested in shooting Seascapes. He wakes up at 4am to stumble down the beach in any kind of weather and sits there in the quiet with his camera shooting away until he has a perfect shot or until he has to leave. I’ve been with him a couple of times and it was always fun. Watching the sun rise, while no one else is awake on the beach looking out at the sea. I have yet to take any images of water as good as he has though.

While we’ve had this nutty weather over the past few days, thunder storms galore all over the UK which resulted in a very tired me and Mikee at work on Friday. My brother used this as an opportunity to head down to the beach like he would to go shoot the sunrise… And take some photos of the storm over the sea like it was nothing out of the ordinary. He has caught some incredible shots and posted a few on his Facebook page.

This was what he wrote to accompany it:

After a little perseverance and a missed opportunity earlier in the day I finally managed to capture some of this awesome weather we have been experiencing. Following on from the earlier storm, I was rather rudely awoken around 2am from yet¬†anther dream about lego! The lightning was filling up the bedroom, and in a half asleep mad dash I headed for the beach in what can only be described as a serious fashion offence. Little swimming shorts a bright shirt and a polkadot umbrella and mismatching trainers. But I didn’t care, I was on a mission.

When I arrived at the beach I was presented with a light show of epic proportions. The Channel was lighting up like an over decorated christmas tree. I setup my camera and used the following settings (for any camera nerds) ISO was set to 1000 as it was the dead of night, aperture was set to F11 and after a few test shots opted an exposure time of around 1 minutes 20 seconds. And there I stayed, just snapping away, watching the show.

Despite having 3 near misses with lightning in the past, sitting on an exposed beach with a metal tripod whilst several billion volts danced above my head, I felt rather at peace. That is until a random dog jumped over a breakwater and landed a few feet away from me giving me cause to let out a few surprised expletives. I spent around 30 minutes at the beach before a sideways hail storm suddenly hit the coast and I was forced to evacuate back to the safety of my bed. Anyways, the final 4 pictures I have attached. The composition was pure guess work and some cropping was needed in post.

Chris Buggins Eastbourne Chris Buggins Eastbourne Chris Buggins EastbourneHe’s offered to send out the high res file to anyone who would like a print of any of the images, so if you love them and fancy one on your wall send a message to his Facebook page, where you can also check out some of his other work.

All images above are copyright of Chris Buggins

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