12 // Cherry Frozen Yoghurt

CherryFroyo1Has everyone been enjoying the lovely hot weather we’ve been having? I most certainly have at the weekends when I’m allowed out to have adventures in it. During the week I tend to be layered up and dressed for the winter as I seem to be spending my time in a place which has decided to turn into the arctic circle of London.

On  a little browse through Pinterest I discovered a recipe for how to make your own frozen yoghurt and I decided to have a try with some beautiful cherries I bought at a little health food shop near where I work in Marylebone. The results were very delicious. I used the whole bag but I think I could have used more if I wanted more fruity flavours, but I liked that it was still quite strong in yoghurt flavour. The recipe is below if you would like to have a try… If you’re not into cherries, just replace them with something else.



A kilo of cherries (pitted)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice (fresh)
750 grams plain yogurt


If you buy fresh cherries, remove the stems and pit them. Blend them together with the yoghurt, honey and an lemon juice. Pop in a freezer safe container and place in the freezer. If you want instant frozen yoghurt, just blend half of the yoghurt with frozen fruit and magic – delicious healthy fro-yo.


CherryFroyo5What flavour should I attempt next?


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