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OffTheRecord1I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to do a playlist for the last couple of months so here we go! I’m going to try and create a new one every fortnight with music that appeals to me and freshly released and found stuff.

Music is such an important thing to me. I was out recently and I was chatting with a friends new partner and realised that I’d probably been talking at him for half an hour about all this great music and why I loved it and at the same time realised I never have these conversations very much anymore, so I would like to encourage more music chatter here. It always has been important to me and I was feeling a bit sad that I’ve not really been repping my love for it as much recently on the blog which is why I wanted to now. So here was have ‘Off the Record’, the new music section of the blog where I’ll share a regularly posted Deezer playlist the I will have made up covering things that I find and things that I love already. For this first one I’ve taken tracks I’ve loved that have come out over the last month or two whether they be on albums or on singles. Have a little listen and if you’re interested I’ve written a short bit about each artist below. Enjoy!

Lucy-Rose-Like-An-Arrow-Audio-BQTo give a run down, we have the lovely Lucy Rose – She’s just released her second album Work It Out which also features some lovely pals and my awesome boyfriend playing strings on Nebraska. I’ve got both I’ve tried and Nabraska in the playlist. If you like the songs I would urge you to check out the album as it’s great. She covered Bad Blood by Taylor Swift recently on the BBC Live Lounge and Mikee was there which was pretty neat. Have a little gander below if you want to listen…

Next up is Other Lives – I have to tell you that the album I’ve taken the track off – Rituals – is soooooo good I had trouble picking just one off the put on the playlist. I told a very close friend of mine to listen to them and she said that she was on a higher state of being just listening to the band. It will not disappoint you.

Other Lives_Jeremy Charles3Vaults I found at the end of last year and absolutely loved their sound as soon as I heard the first track. They’re very consistent and just plain old great. The singer has an incredible voice and everything in the music compliments everything else.

vaults-eliot-lee-hazel-2014-2048x1365-011Djang Django – Another brilliant album, I remember seeing them open for someone a few years ago and thinking that they were Scottish and weird but that they were pretty great live too so when their newest album came out in the same week as the Other Lives album (great week) I checked it out and it’s also tres good! The whole album flows and it’s fun – so fun I bought some tickets to go and see them play later in the year.

Django DjangoBest Coast released California Nights in the same week too. Truly a great week. I was so happy to have heard them soundcheck while we were in America and then got to catch them properly over here too. The album is a bit less poppy than their last albums, which is good, just sounds a little more serious – the track I selected is one of my favourites of the album.

Best-Coast-California-Nights-2015Odesza x Zyra is not my usual cup of tea but I really like this so wanted to include it as a new discovery. I’m quite gutted I didn’t get to see them play at Coachella, even though it’s not my usual kind of music. I found it when a friend posted the Denali video on Facebook, which made me cry, but it ends on this track perfectly.


Next up we have Jamie XX, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole album but I do really like the track he’s done with Romy on vocals so I have also included that.

Jamiexx.13Robert DeLong is also another anomaly in my music taste, it’s more dancey that I would usually like but he draws his inspirations from the same people I do and he uses some cool tech to play his music! I would love to go and see him play live. This is his latest track and he has a new album out soon.

11537529_1110113992335699_6222270027081883960_oFoals. Who doesn’t love Foals? I can’t wait for their album to arrive but for now I will play What Went Down on repeat…

Foals-Press-Shot-credit-Nabil-ElderkinEverything Everything – Their new album is mostly good! The singers voice is a bit like marmite in that some people really can’t listen to him but I don’t mind it – I think it works pretty well to make their sound distinctive. Zero Pharao is probably my favourite track on the album so here we go with it!

Screen-Shot-2015-06-16-at-15.24.57Laurel‘s Blue Blood is the track that I initially found her with. I adore this song and she’s rerecorded it with a full orchestra and released it as a single. I could not be happier. The rest of her tracks are just perfect too so certainly go and check them out if you enjoy this one. I’ve seen talk of an album so that’s exciting about that too.

Wavves x Cloud Nothings – I love Wavves, their albums are fantastic and after having seen a pretty gritty show in London I really admire them. I don’t know that much about Cloud Nothings but I really like this collaboration album that they’ve done so I am planning on checking them out soon.

Cloud-Nothings-WavvesI posted about Jack Garratt before on this blog. Read about it here. He is one of the best performers around so anyone getting the chance to see him live will be in for a treat.! He’s actually playing with MSMR soon which I would go and see if I could – if you can go, then do go. Weathered is a new track and his sound is definitely evolving so it should be a treat to see where he goes with it.

Jack-GarrattLastly we have Villagers. Their latest album Darling Arithmetic is wonderful. All three of their albums have different sounds and I love that this one is so personal to Conor O’brien and fuelled by something that’s so important to him. Soul Serene is my favourite track on this release. It’s just perfect, and the right way to end the playlist.

It’s just under an hour’s worth of listening, of music that I find brilliant. I hope you like it too. If anyone can think of anything I’d like please do send me some suggestions, I’d really like to have this music sharing thing become a community.

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