Hello! Been a little too busy to upload any blogposts recently as I’ve had a lot of freelance work on but I wanted to make the effort with this… So welcome to the second Off The Record playlist – yay. So grab some good speakers, or some headphones, a comfy spot, possibly a refreshing snack and just enjoy. I’m going to try and write a little while my niece plays make believe and talks to me non-stop.

PurityRingFirst up we have Purity Ring, the album came out earlier this year and I had this track stuck in my head the other day so felt it would be a good addition to the playlist. They seems to do some interesting stage performances when I’ve looked them up, they want to make the electronic music scene a bit more interesting to watch, which is something I admire.

TameImpalaCurrents by Tame Impala came out this week, you could listen to the preview stream on NPR First Listen so I checked it out on there. I honestly wasn’t fussed about them before, I tried listening to the last album and just didn’t get it.  We saw the end of their set at Coachella and it was actually really good so I decided to give this a try, and I actually really like it. It flows and progresses perfectly. Mikee told me that they delayed the release by a couple of months because they wanted it to be perfect and I think it’s a really good thing that they waited till it was.

bibioI honestly don’t know much about Bibio, but my lovely friend Juliette sent it over and I liked it so thought I would include it here. This is probably the best track on the album, but the rest of the album is still pretty good.

ChvrchesI had to do some stuff last year for Chvrches and Yellow Bird Project as they have a t-shirt over there raising money for charity Nordoff Robbins who focus on music therapy. This is their latest single and it’s pretty much what you would expect from them… Summery 80s electronic pop style music.

OhWonderI posted about We The Wild before, who I really liked. But they decided to call it quits and now one of the members is in Oh Wonder, who are releasing a new track every month. The music is a little bit like We The Wild, but a bit more chilled like the XX. The music is nice, if a little repetitive, but certainly worth listening to.

foalsYay more Foals! This one is a little less angry than the last one. I am still exited about the new album, keep bringing more great songs out please!

Rufus_band_imageI caught Cut Copy at Coachella in 2011 and fell in love with the atmosphere at their gigs. So when they played in London last year I had to go. I forced Mikee to come with me, I think he enjoyed it too. We ended up eating at the same restaurant as them beforehand too but I was too shy to go say hello haha – seems to be a common theme? Anywho, RUFUS opened for them, another Australian dance band and they were pretty great. It took me a couple of listens to be convinced but I do really like them. I especially like this video of theirs – I’m all over those awkward dance moves:

Beach-House-2Beach House! Yay! This song takes a bit of time to actually get into it but it’s pretty good. Their albums are always addictive when they come out so I’m looking forward to the next one… I’m sure there will be even more strong tracks on there.

MARIKA-HACKMAN-MIKE-1-of-2Marika Hackman has done some collaborations with Sivu which have been pretty spot on. She’s also half Finnish, like yours truly, so I can totally get behind her and it’s a plus that her music is really nice and she has a beautiful voice to boot. She released her album back in February so if you like the track here certainly go and listen to the rest because the rest is just as good.

WolfAliceWolf Alice keep coming up on my Deezer suggestions and it takes me back to the late 90s and when I became a teenager and got really into watching things like The Craft and listening to Garbage – a little bib 90s, a little bit grungy but nothing too crazy. They remind me of that time and it was a wonderful time to be reminded of.

WeezerWeezer released their latest album last year just before I left my old job, I loved that they collaborated with Bethany Cosentino on Go Away and they have just released the video for the track in the last week, reminding me of how awesome the song is. So sharing it here was a must!

13056Ms Mr made it onto my radar with Hurricane, what an incredible song. I still love it. They just released their new album, while going a lot more poppy than before which isn’t what attracted me to them, but it’s still got some nice stuff on it. This song is probably one of my favourites from the latest release.

Once again, it’s just under an hour’s worth of listening, of music that I find intriguing. I hope you like it too. If anyone can think of anything I might like again, do send me some suggestions. Have an enjoyable week y’all.

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