IMG_8374I genuinely wish I had more time. More time to think about exercising, more time to focus on writing this blog and to actually update my portfolio properly. To cook and clean. To take our puppy for walks. I half wish I was a morning person too so I could cram this stuff in then, but I do love the loneliness that comes from staying up super late and the feeling you get with it where you can relax and be completely you. Of being one of the very few people who are getting to experience the silence in those quiet late hours.

Anyway, it’s a chance to have one of those quiet moments where the world is mine. So I thought I would post a little update as I haven’t had a chance to post here for a while.

Not much has changed apart from the weather and darker days as we head into winter again, but over the last few months my life has mostly consisted of work at work, work at home, sleep and repeat. I had a wonderful friends wedding, an inpromptu trip to Canada and a puppy thrown into the mixture just to make life a little more fun.

The puppy’s name is Piggy Boo. The puppy in the last post ended up not being ours and in a strange twist of fate we’ve ended up with our meant to be little Pig and she’s amazing. This is the main thing I wanted to update you on – so here’s a bunch of pictures were you can see how she’s grown. She’s a long haired minature dachshund, a sort of caramel colour with a chocolate base – like an awesome cheesecake but hairy. She is on Instagram as @ohyoupiggyboo (if you want to follow), she’s been in a Buzzfeed video & she’s five months old now. That’s how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post! I have serious blog guilt.

I’m making plans to make some more time for me soon, I can’t keep trundling along like I have been as I’ll go a little bit crazy. But at least there’s now a new family member around to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Anyway, later taters! Enjoy the puppy pictures!

IMG_8335 IMG_8344 IMG_8348 IMG_8352 IMG_8358 IMG_8372 IMG_8417 IMG_8563 IMG_8570 IMG_8604 IMG_8613 IMG_8618 IMG_8635 IMG_8639 IMG_8667 IMG_8684 IMG_8726 IMG_8731 IMG_8796 IMG_8814 IMG_8864 IMG_8887 IMG_8904 IMG_8916 IMG_8932  IMG_8950 IMG_8981 IMG_8994 IMG_9296IMG_9302

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