31 // 100 Days of Drawing Memories 1-7

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful first week. I had a lovely first few days at home and returned to London a week ago ready to go back to work on Monday. I think within two days of getting back all my energy has been zapped and I already feel exhausted again. I wanted a challenge for the new year, something to keep me engaged creatively as I don’t get to do a lot for myself, as I’m usually doing it for other people.

Way back in April last year The Great Discontent started a project with Elle Luna called #The100DayProject. The idea being to dedicate yourself to creating for 100 days in a row. I wanted to participate at the time but the day it started we had gone to San Francisco and I was ultimately distracted and never ended up starting. So here we are with a new year and I decided to start now. I was flitting between drawing a dog everyday or restarting my Everyday Opposites, but I thought it would be good to focus on something new, so I settled on drawing my memories.

I’m really enjoying it but boy it’s hard to keep up everyday already, I admittedly have had to catch up a couple of times, but hopefully as I continue it’ll get easier to do and to find time for. I’m going to post them here every week, so here’s numbers one through 7. Feel free to follow the project on instagram, even better take part yourself!


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