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It’s been such a beautiful weekend and to start off this next week I’m quite excited to finish writing up part two of our Barcelona trip before heading full speed into more work. This time portfolio sorting – there’s going to be a lot of updating going on around here you know. If you want to read part one click here.


Breakfast was had at our AirBnB

Lunch was Pizza and Sangria at La Oca

Dinner was at our AirBnB

We didn’t have anything booked this day so we did some research and decided to go and check out the Botanical Gardens. It was in an area which had the Olympic stadium and several gardens so we figured we could walk around and see what else we would come across. We caught the metro and then got on a bus to get to the top of Parc de Montjuic and then followed my gps map to find the Botanical Gardens. It’s not that easy to navigate around, we walked around some funny roads that didn’t look like we should be walking on them, walked in a few circles and finally found what we were looking for. It was very pretty, all the plants had names of what they were and lots of varieties of the same plant. Highlights from the botanical garden were the views of Barcelona from the top, the palm trees, the Californian flora section and a pretty great collection of Bonsai trees.

Barcelona-35 Barcelona-36 Barcelona-37 Barcelona-40 Barcelona-39 Barcelona-41

Once we had taken in all the plants we were pretty tired and hungry, we consulted our map and on the other side of the park we spotted Poble Espanyol: an old fashioned, traditional village that houses loads of craft studios. We set off on a long, hot walk to this place, really looking forward to getting some food. Once we got our tickets and stepped in we found a square that was very pretty, surrounded by restaurants and cafes. We spotted the one that was getting hit by most of the sun so we took some seats and ordered a pizza to share with some sangria just because. It was glorious. We went on to explore the area, tonnes of tiny windows and shops with people making beautiful things. There was a man who had lovely wooden pieces, lots of leather workshops and dress makers, ceramics (we bought a cute little pot to put a cactus in for my new desk) and the best one was a lace shop, run by this lady who seemed like she was 100 years old, she spoke no English and made all the pieces in the shop herself.

We were pretty exhausted with achey feet by the time we got out of the tiny village and made our way back to our apartment. We were very appreciative to take off our shoes and spent our evening watching terrible films on Netflix… Including Sharknado which took us to a whole new level of strange before passing out…

Barcelona-42 March-6 Barcelona-43


Breakfast was at our AirBnB

Lunch was at Barcelona Zoo

Dinner was at our AirBnB

On our fourth day we took a trip to Barcelona Zoo which was super fun. I always find zoo’s a little odd, but I really enjoyed our trip to this one. The animals seemed to be pretty happy and there was such a great array of animals of every shape and size to see. I would highly recommend going. We managed to spend about five hours wandering around, and when we left we walked through the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella – saw someone walking their pet pig, and then walked up to Arc de Triomf which was stunning. Feeling pretty starved we tried to find somewhere to eat but everywhere was closed as it was a Sunday. In our efforts to find food we ended up walking all the way back to our apartment and finally finding food there. With whatever energy we had left we somehow found the drive to go out and find dessert at the ice cream parlour on the corner of our street before ending our day with another bunch of terrible films and funny chatter before sleep.

Barcelona-52 March-1 March-2 March-3


Breakfast was AirBnB

Lunch was Ice Cream and Sangria at Park Guell

Dinner was a feast at Patron

On our last day we had booked time to visit Park Guell. We made our way up there and just kept going up and up and up. After queuing for a little while we finally made it in to the park. The architecture is very beautiful. I’d seen loads of the mosaic parts online before, which were lovely but I found the whole flow and structure of the space more interesting. It was very busy even though we were there pretty early on a Monday morning in early March. It literally took about 30mins to walk around and see all there is to see which wasn’t that great but it was still a pretty fantastic piece of design. My favourite part of the park was actually the diamond shaped windows on some of the buildings, they had these watermarks that had run down from the bottom of them on the wall which made them look like kites. We ended up having some ice cream to cool off after our walk around and then made our way back to the metro station.

Barcelona-44 Barcelona-47 Barcelona-46 Barcelona-45 March-4 Barcelona-48 Barcelona-49 Barcelona-50 Barcelona-51

On our walk back we came across a really cool little t-shirt shop called Typographia, I decided to get Mikee a little gift from there and bought myself one which has the botched Spanish fresco painting in a 2×2 pop art print, it is most probably the best t-shirt on the face of the planet. So good. We still had a lot of time to spend on the rest of the day, once we had consulted our guide we decided to visit the chocolate museum and the perfume museum. Both which were lovely, very small and very easy to get around. The entry ticket to the chocolate museum was a chocolate bar which was one of my favourite parts.

March-5 March-7

During the week my mum had mentioned she’d never had a proper cocktail and wanted to try one, so we decided to make it our mission to find somewhere for cocktails and dinner to wrap up our trip. We ended up going to Patron, which was really quite beautiful inside, and I was a fan of the branding. We decided to share a couple of starters and split a paella, followed by some chocolatey desserts. Really really tasty food and we had a great walk to our apartment after, finally packing and then heading to bed as we had to be up at 4am to get to the airport. All in all a really lovely trip, and a pleasure to spend good time exploring a brand new place with my mum. Hopefully an experience to be repeated.

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