39 // Catherine Okada ‘An Honest Tune’

Six months after leaving my job I’m slowly starting to update my portfolio. I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time. I’ll do an update soon because I’ve had some pretty cool projects. Anyway I recently added this live video I worked on for the lovely Catherine Okada to the site! I’ve never really worked on video so it was a learning experience to say the least. Prior to this I’d┬ánever edited or used premier pro and somehow I managed to put this together and not have it look half bad. We filmed the footage back at the start of the year at Goldsmiths Music Studios in New Cross in London. It was a really fun day and I roped in a few friends to help with the process. Many thanks to Steve especially as it wouldn’t look half as good without his camera skills.

Anyway, Cathy is a very talented musician who has a brilliant sound and some very interesting stories behind her writing. She’s releasing an EP next month and I’ve been busy working away on the artwork (below) for the release which has been great. We worked on the design together and used pieces of origami to create shapes you can see. Inspired by the shapes of hourglasses and Japanese mountains. We’re also working on a creative music video for her track Hourglass which we should be filming soon, I’m pretty excited to be getting this done.


Below are some shots I took from in the studio with Shuta Shinoda while recording half of the EP. I hope you enjoy the music video and if you want to listen to some more check her out on Soundcloud and Facebook and definitely have a listen to this wonderful track:

Cathy-33 Cathy-2 Cathy-4 Cathy-6 Cathy-13 Cathy-25 Cathy-51 Cathy-60 Cathy-91 Cathy-92


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