How is it the middle of October already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun and I feel like I’ve been having the best time. It’s been more than six months since I left the security of full time and somehow – very luckily – I’ve been making it work. Go me!

I’ve slowly been adding things to my portfolio but I still have so many projects to add. I’m feel a little edit will be in order though because how much work is too much work, what work is actually relevant to show? I guess it depends on the work I want to do – does anyone have any tips?


The last time I did a life update I had just left full time land and I was in the midst of doing my freelance stint at Ogilvy working in the content studio filling in as an art director. It was really nice working on the creative side of things as well – I love working on design but my University course and my career leading up to my last role set me up to think conceptually. And while I always work conceptually in my freelance work I realised it’s something I really missed and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the different demands of working as a hands on art director finally able to sink my teeth into something.

While I was there I had to work as part of a creative team with a copywriter who was also filling in. I’m used to working pretty independently so I was really surprised by how easy it was to work with someone I barely knew and how well we actually worked together despite being opposites in pretty much every aspect. It was pretty full on but I had a lot of fun working with the team and got to know them pretty well. It was an odd feeling leaving Ogilvy a second time around as although I was excited to experience this crazy freedom of not knowing what’s in the future I was pretty sad to be leaving the people behind so I’ve made sure to keep in touch with them.

Since getting back from Finland I’ve been helping out with a health and medical business called Sagitta – more about that in a separate post. I’ve was commissioned by Thames Hudson to create 45 illustrations for a colouring book which was a pretty full on project – I’ll share more on this when the book is out in spring next year. I’ve branded a lady who works as an independent consultant in Adolescent Health and HIV, which is such a crazy amazing job. I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who work in fields like that. I have also been commissioned to photograph team press shots of the management team at The Culture Trip – such an interesting start up and the people working there are lovely. I’ve Illustrated a book cover for an Anthology by First Story. In relation to Sagitta I’ve designed an underground ad and some packaging for Nordstern apothecary in Germany. I’ve been working away on the videos, the EP artwork and photos for Catherine Okada which you can read about here and I’ve designed a blog for a developer friend. The last project I’ve been working on is art directing and designing a brochure and other promotional assets for a high end fragrance brand called Cath Collins. Next up I have a branding project to do for a vegan fast food restaurant which should be super fun.

mosquitorepellant_flat 4_simon catherineokadahourglassepdesign2

I’ve been really loving the variety of work and I’ve found it quite weird that I am still trying to find time to update my portfolio. I was expecting everything to be quiet and to be worrying about having no money and nothing to do and I expected myself to be chasing people to get work but so far I’ve been really surprised by it all. The majority of work I’ve had has been through people I’ve worked with in the past which has been wonderful. I know we’re getting into the weird time of year where everything is supposed to get busy and then get really quiet so we’ll see if my tune changes at all with the pace of things.

Outside of work it’s been a bit weird getting used to not having to be somewhere all day for specific days and during specific times. I feel like I’ve gained so much more time and I no longer feel like I’m racing toward the weekend every week which is amazing and I’ve been trying to make the most of it. I just generally feel better off, healthier, more content and like I’m able to give myself the time to take better care of myself now. I also make sure I pay more attention to my friends and family because while I was working so hard to get to this point right here my relationships are something that took a bit of a hit. So far the experience has been really cool and I’m interested to see what happens over the next few months. Touch wood hah. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been six months already, it literally only feels like I left yesterday.

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