52 // 30 Before 30

I turned 29 last month and much like Pheobe Buffay there are some things I want to achieve before I turn 30 next year, some just because they will be pushing me forward, some for fun and some because I feel I really should have done them by now hah. And they happen to mostly fit into the themes of the mood boards that I did at the start of this year. I’ve already made a start on some and I started a bullet journal which I’m hoping will help me keep track of getting these things achieved.



  • Visit Sabine in Munich
  • Visit New York (this might just have to be booked).
  • Girly weekend.
  • Last festival of my 20s. (I think we’re going to book tickets for All Points East).
  • Go on a hike.



  • Launch Kireli (I’m sorting this out at the moment)
  • Start a retirement fund.
  • Enter awards for work.
  • Go to one exhibition a month. (Already been to 3 in the last month).
  • Mentor someone & be mentored.
  • Learn about investing money. (I’ve ordered a book called Tim Hale’s smarter investing).
  • Make something to sell online for passive income.
  • Self portrait challenge.
  • Teach a class OR do a talk.
  • Pitch for business.



  • Hot air balloon ride.
  • Do a handstand again.
  • Learn to properly hula hoop.
  • Cook 5 friends a 3 course meal from scratch. (I’ll do this when our new kitchen is finished).
  • Stand on a moving skateboard for longer than 10 seconds.



  • Do up our flat. (We’re currently doing the kitchen)
  • Treat yourself regularly.
  • Read 5 books minimum. (So far on my list I have Catcher in the Rye, Murder on the Orient Express, The Handmaids Tale, His Dark Materials, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, When Breath Becomes Air and Lolita).
  • Figure out my style.
  • Make more videos.
  • Blog once a week.
  • Start learning to drive again.
  • Say yes to doing things.
  • Pay it forward.
  • Turn 30 somewhere really special.


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