56 // We Won an Award!

So I’m a lil bit late posting this on here but last year I got approached by Cineworld to redesign their gifting range – everything from giftcards, to the wallets, carriers, promo posters and in cinema stands. It’s been out in the world since Christmas 2017 and this year I was also commissioned to extend the suite of designs to span across their giftboxes as well. All the assets we created needed to be generic enough to apply to the whole year but also to work alongside some seasonal or themed assets, so the span of work needed to be flexible and interchangeable while still working successfully either way.

For the initial gifting range work I brought Olly (who I worked with at Ogilvy) on board to work on the project with me because we work really well together. And we came up with the idea of using the giftcards to give people something meaningful – giftcards can so often feel impersonal. So we created a series of compliment cards with references based in the movies. As far as I know they’ve been successfully doing their job. Back in April, Olly suggested we enter the work into the Hermes Awards. We did, and we won a Gold award for the work. It was really cool to have our idea recognised for being a great idea, because it is. It also means one of my 30 before 30 has a tick next to it.

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