60 // Gratitude

Earlier this year I started a bullet journal. It’s been really handy. I don’t really keep it decorative, I already have enough making to keep on top of in my day to day, but it means I can keep track of habits I want to keep on top of or build. I can keep track of my mood and see how I’m feeling about particular things. And recently Aleksandra Stanglewicz sent me this post from The Cut about happiness (which is something I’m a bit interested in – I even wrote my dissertation at university on it), and there was a suggestion to note down 5 things you’re grateful for every day to boost your overall wellbeing, so I put a gratitude section in my bullet journal and make sure to note down 5 things I’m grateful for every day. Most of it revolves around food, friends, nice weather and feeling fulfilled, I’m easy to please clearly.

Anyway, Aleksandra and I were talking a few weeks later and she suggested we set ourselves some personal projects to do in July and keep check on each other to keep each other accountable, and so we have someone rooting for us. I set mine to be to illustrate the things I’m grateful for in July, aiming to do roughly one every other day. I settled on a collage style, it’s generally something I’ve played with in the past, and I wanted to use this golden texture I’d found to show the thing that I was grateful for because it’s making my life more golden. It hasn’t worked out perfectly – I’ve had to play catch up, but I’m mostly on top of it. I can’t say I love all of them but that wasn’t the point here, the point was to just make something – even if it doesn’t end up perfect. Here’s what I’ve made over the month.  It’s been a really nice little challenge to do, I feel like I’ve found a style of illustration which sort of suits me along the process. I think I might do another challenge in August – I’ve been feeling a bit rusty with idea generation so I might set myself the task of coming up with creative solutions to problems every day, so I can just get the wheels of that part of my brain moving again.

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