Introducing Fearless Types by Badass.Gal. We are FINALLY launching next week with the first five amazing designs, all with the aim of raising money for the Young Creative Council to help do more things to empower more women and to champion equality in the creative industries.

The idea behind Fearless Types was to take sexist stereotypes and flip them. Women do this every single day, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of every industry and achieving the once impossible and we deserve to have some recognition of these feats. We own being bossy badass babes, we proudly use our emotional intelligence to get deeper into our work. It’s our right to state we are the best man for the job and to support each other by showing we believe a woman’s place is in the boardroom – because we should be in every room, on every level – 50% of the population doesn’t deserve to be left behind. And that’s what our collection of designs do – in t-shirt form. They celebrate the new era for women and call out to the next generation to be bolder, more fearless and ready to leave an even bigger mark. Together, we can rewrite these stereotypes forever.

Olly Cooper and myself have been working our butts off on this for months now and it’s sooo freaking cool to see it become a reality. What started as a spark has just grown. We crafted these lines, had endless discussions about what we should do and got Badass.Gal down to be involved. We managed to get some really incredible designers and illustrators to contribute phenomenal artwork, we’ve had support setting up the shop (thank you Haygarth), and some help from friends doing some custom coding (thank you Hussain). We were kindly offered Mum & Dad Studios to shoot in (thank you Billy and Jacko)… with a super talented group of stunning models who came and offered us their time – they absolutely smashed showing off the tees. We’ve had help from friends and colleagues putting together our press release and getting it out there. We’ve learned a hell of a lot and it’s been a proper labour of love, but mostly I am absolutely humbled by the amount of people who have been so kind as to offer their time and skills to help us make this a reality piece by piece, because they believe in its power to do some good as well.
We’ve had so much positive feedback, I genuinely can’t wait for these to go out and to see what it might grow into – and even more excited to see how this can help benefit the amazing women (and men) I’m surrounded by in this industry.
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YES I’M BOSSY. THAT’S HOW A BOSS ACTS. by Aleksandra Stanglewicz

Aleksandra decided to draw yellow poppies around her “bossy” quote as they represent wealth and success. The type is intentionally blocky, strong and masculine to show off the innate strength we have in all of us – but surrounded by the wild delicate beautiful illustrations it brings a level of femininity to the design showing the balance and bringing more meaning to the quote. The word ‘boss’ is highlighted to play on the meaning of the word boss in a modern context.

Modelled by Beth Willetts



Meagan wanted to reinforce this project’s revolutionary topic with visual themes commonplace in the sexual realm, but, like the line itself, flip them headlong to provide an empowering alternative. Erotic neon signs and Sixties porn titles therefore provided the visual inspiration. By replacing the classic erotic symbols with strong iconography, an alternative perspective arises, one where the working girl is a respected creative powerhouse. Our CEO’s style, along with our typography, hail from the Sixties: a time of surging female dominance and sexual liberation. With this combination, the viewer may expect to see one thing but, upon closer inspection, gleans something else…

Modelled by Gabriella Natasha



‘The best man for the job’ reminds me of something that might have been said in the 1950s while two men smoke pipes, shake hands and make a business deal – so I wanted to play on that era, rewrite our role models in a way and show a badass busy independent lady holding her own. I’ve referenced Barbara Kruger in the typography, and decided to add arrows leading upwards in the illustration to point to the wearer and to highlight ‘this woman’ so it again points out the wearer in a subtle way.

Modelled by Grace Upshall



Jennifer used her signature quirky illustrative style with the typography flowing around the illustrated characters to highlight a diverse range of women. Showing that no matter your skin colour, sexuality or background – women of all types deserve to be in the boardroom and throughout every level no matter the company, for fair representation.

Modelled by Catherine Okada



The sentence Olivia was given was about emotions being something powerful, rather than a weakness. So she thought she would use a very powerful female figure who had the characteristic of being strongly associated with emotions. The Queen of Hearts is the perfect emblem of this emotional power. Olivia brilliantly drew the Queen of Hearts and represented her as a creative person, using her emotional power to find ideas and use them in many different creative disciplines.

Modelled by Shirann Rose

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