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Sivu for Wonderland MagazineBeing half Finnish every now and again I tend to try and find music which is in some way shape of form related to Finland and which actually sounds good. My reasons for this are that all I’ve really been subjected to while I’m there is my grandad’s radio and my mum’s ridiculous choice in music in the car. Something about ‘Put the banana in your cheek’?!  Oh and the Moomins… Which are awesome and I fully advocate watching any episode of it however it’s not particularly rocking if you’re a bit older than nine.

On one of my most recent Finnish music hunts I came across a brilliant musician called James Page who presents himself under the name Sivu (Finnish for page), and he has some incredibly well written songs, been remixed by Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club and has also collaborated with Marika Hackman (who is also of Finnish descent) on some beautiful tunes.

After shooting for the latest Albion Way gig, I discovered Sivu had also performed for one of The Albion Way concerts and was quite bummed out that I’d missed it, however I felt lucky I had been able to go the latest show in London at the Roundhouse Studios while my old gig buddy was visiting and we weren’t disappointed. His band is very talented and holy-wow to the multi-tasking they were doing on stage.

Below you can see the awesome artwork for Can’t Stop Now created by Samuel Burgess-Johnson and you’ll be able to see a couple of music videos (including the latest for Miracle (Human Error)) and find a link to the Sivu Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!

Sivu Cant Stop Now, artwork by Samuel Burgess-Johnson

Can anyone tell me the names of some great Finnish musicians? I’m always on the hunt.

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