This week I’ve decided to focus on Finnish design company Marimekko. I love the bold patterns, colours and illustrative styles and think their art direction is pretty darn great. It has to be said. I’m not the worlds most fascinating person when it comes to fashion as I don’t really have an active interest in it and I’d rather buy gig tickets than new clothes, but I do like to keep my eye on the designs that come from here even if I can’t afford the majority of the clothes.

As a child my mum always used to tell me the Finns were ahead of the game in the fashion industry. Now that was a big patriotic lie from my mum as when you go there in the summer you will observe everyone wearing socks with sandals. She even got me to work on a project looking at traditional Finnish dress for my textiles design and technology  class in secondary school, which looking back is a pretty cool thing she did but as a teenager my thoughts were ‘what on earth am I looking at?!’. Anyway, with Finland being recognised as a pretty cool design capital in general (although a lot of the designers I like tend to end up basing themselves elsewhere), it’s unsurprising that there are some pretty awesome textiles designers. So even if Finland aren’t at the forefront of fashion design like my mum tried to convince me they were; there are still some clear winners for design.

Marimekko for me is deffo one of those winners. To me it shows nordic simplicity and elegance but with it’s quirky colourful and fun edge. The applications are versatile and they can suit everyone which I think is what makes them successful. Their Unikko poppy print (above) had it’s 50 year birthday this year and it’s such an iconic print that’s been used on anything from dresses to phone cases to aeroplanes and tea pots. Backing up that idea of versatility. As a designer now I’d love to have the opportunity to work with them on anything!

I was very lucky at christmas last year when I was given a Drip Raincoat as a gift from my mum (last picture below). It was apparently very me and it’s been brilliant. Through rain and snow, it’s kept me dry and tends to keep  me pretty warm when it’s cold out as that baby isn’t going to let cold or water in or any heat out! Practicality looking its best!

2013-08-171 kukkulurru tumblr_mgox5tQzNQ1r6sc95o1_1280 stripe couch-table towels1  hunajaista-sanna-annukka-marimekko-sisustus-keittio-astiat-tekstiilit-syksy-2014 1978571_10152254357152482_2085916003_o

I hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend!

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