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66 // Badass Because

Every day I look in the mirror, and literally every time I do I notice my flaws both inside and out. Not once in my memory have I looked and thought ‘I am a badass’ at my reflection. It’s the way of things though… to notice the bad instead of the good. I think it’s… Read more »

65 // Time To Look Back

Every year I reflect on what’s happened. I actually really enjoy it. I’ve spent the last few days writing this post – looking through photos and while I know for part of the year I felt quite low, looking back I’m amazed at how much I did, how much I loved, there were so many… Read more »

63 // Beautiful & Rugged

The best of plans come from adventurous thinking. Seeing as I’m doing my 30 before 30, I asked a friend if there was anything they’d like to do before they turned 30 themselves. This friend is Dan, and he’s one of my closest pals. His response: Drive through the Highlands… Next, picture the scene: I’m… Read more »

62 // Walthamstow Day Trip

At the start of September I went on a day out to Walthamstow with my beautiful friend Juliette. Even though Walthamstow is in London it’s so far for both of us, we made a day of it. When we got there we were both super hungry so we went to Eat17, which had really good… Read more »

54 // Kitchen Adventures Pt 1

This story begins back in February when I booked an appointment for Mikee, my mum and myself to go to Ikea to design a kitchen. If you follow me on Instagram you know what we’ve been going through, and I’ve had a lot of lovely people following on my Instagram Story updates about the kitchen…. Read more »

47 // 2018 MOODBOARD

I remember when I was applying for university in college, my foundation teacher told me he wasn’t sure I was ‘edgy’ enough to go to Central Saint Martins but he wasn’t going to stop me from applying if I wanted to try. Now I’m the kind of person that if you tell me you don’t… Read more »